Japanese Children's Day Festival 2010

12:50 AM

Welcome to the party!

If the location above looks familiar, maybe it's because you have seen something like it in a Japanese drama.

This kind of river with a little bit of flat land and sloping sides is to be found everywhere in Japan.

No matter which part of Japan I go to, it always feels like home when I see this.

Anyway, this post is about こどもの日 ("kodomo no hi") or Children's Day in Japan.

It takes place every year on the 5th of May and is be best enjoyed by attending a local festival!

I love children so I can't think of a better way to spend the day than going to a festival in honour of them!

Children must face the challenges of life to become strong, just like the carp swims upstream to become a dragon. So, brightly-coloured carp flags are the symbol of Children's Day,

Flags are made by local schools, clubs and companies.

It's a national holiday so people can take a break from school and work to enjoy their youthful feelings.

Sometimes I prefer these small local festivals, they're more charming than big ones with lots of tourists.

Even though this was "small", it still stretched a long way along the river bank.

One of the attractions was a mini shinkansen for the kids to ride on

The flags look good in photos but words can't describe how pretty they really were blowing in the wind.

Taken using the panoramic function on my camera.

There was also a children's market selling all kinds of interesting things.

Are wonder are these expensive collectibles?

You know that feeling when you're shopping and you want EVERYTHING?!?!

Festival food stalls.

Some people didn't have a holiday...

You can't go very far in Japan without running into the ridiculously popular Stitch!

This old guy was giving us suspicious looks, but he was so interesting - making traditional toys.

Fashion department.

I really wanted to buy this train set, just because it's so cute!

Painted stones by local children. I like the creepy face in the top right corner!

So simple, but so cute!

The little Picassos in action.

More carp, can't have enough carp!

There's nothing like relaxing by a riverbank on a lovely sunny day.

That famous educator, House of Mouse.

Lunch time! Cola and yakisoba, mmmm.

Father and 2 young sons, not such an even distribution of the work load!

A pair of troublemakers if ever I saw some - but it's all good on Children's Day!

I hope that was interesting to look at, I'm not the best photographer but the pictures speak for themselves.

I love seeing these "slice of life" posts mixed in with the beauty and fashion tips on other blogs, so I'd like to do this more often.

I want to get closer to the people who read this blog so I guess I should open up a bit too!

I think they have Children's Day in some other Asian countries but we don't have anything like it in Ireland.

I think it should become an international event, then we can all act like kids for the day!

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  1. This looks like such fun, I love it all and I hope to go to something like this one day. I would love to browse the cute little stalls!

  2. it looks super fun and i love all the cute items they have in there!

  3. I still feel like a kid sometimes...lol! What a great holiday =D

  4. Oh, it makes me realize I missed out! I didn't go to any events or festivals on Children's Day! I didn't even know the story behind Koi no bori until this May when I made my friend look it up haha.

    I would love to go to a little festival like this one. The food stalls and paint rocks look especially nice^^

  5. Ohhh, thanks for sharing this!! I've always wanted to experience Children's Day, too, but never was in Japan in May, so that's why! This time I'm gonna make sure to go and see the events! :-) (In whatever city I might end up, hahaha)

  6. Yes I seen all this before ♥♥♥ It's so lovely ♥ It's a pity I'll missed it. Oh well I'll be back in Tokyo in August ♥

  7. Winnie - I love looking at this kind of jumble sale stalls. You never know what kind of bargain you might find! It's also interesting to see what people once valued...

  8. mr. pineapple man - we can all be kids on a day like that!!

  9. Saving Capulet - Cute items are too tempting! Even during small festivals we are drawn to shopping!

  10. Shop N' Chomp - I think we all have an inner Peter Pan who will never let us grow up!

  11. さらまり - You'll be back in Japan soon though! There are always festivals on. I'm not sure when you're coming exactly, but you might be here for Tanabata - that's brilliant!

  12. Thanh Thao - Yeah, this is all ahead of you! And no matter what city you end up in, you can always travel to any event you like!

  13. Emmelie ♥ - You can experience new festivals this time, yay!

  14. it looks super fun and i love all the cute items they have in there!