12:50 AM

Free coffee!

A while back I wrote about Hoshiyama, an expensive but beautiful coffee house.

If you remember, each cup is unique and matched to the customer's outfit.

Recently a new branch opened and my friend told me about their special offer.

Free coffee and a slice of cake!

Seriously! How...unnecessary.

It's nice enough to attract people who can afford it and those that can't just wont go.

Still - it was gorgeous <3

Our cakes - almond and sakura.

I don't know why they still had a sakura flavour on the menu.

Still, I'll take anything if it's free.

It'll probably never happen again though :(

Those birds went down well the other day so I'm going to get more pictures.

It looks like the mother is teasing them with food, tempting them to fly - how exciting!

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  1. You are lucky! Those cakes look really yummy!

  2. I love the concept!
    And yeah, free stuff <3

  3. The tea-set looks beautiful! Nice!
    I wish I could have gone! haha
    And the cake looks so yummy!

    Yay, seeing some baby birds grow, so exciting x3 I hope you take lots of pics of them! *loves birds*

  4. Match to your outfit...? AMAZING. I've never heard of something like this. Those cakes look really delish, too!

  5. Dolce♥Bunny - They were delicious!

  6. diyanahomie - I think it's a unique concept and very suitable for Japan!

  7. Sasa - The best thing about tea shops is that you can find interesting ones in every city. Maybe there is an exciting one near you too!

  8. Therese Jane - It's such a good idea! I want to steal it and open my own cafe, haha!

  9. wow free cake and coffee!! how great is that! and the cake looks so yummy~

  10. cin-cin - Free anything is good, but when it's so tasty it's even better! :)