Spring Is Coming...

12:50 AM Tokyo Disney Land. The rest of the world knows that it's Summer, but anyway...

When you go to Disney, you have to see the parade, right?

I mean, it can be a pain trying to see over a sea of heads - but that's not such a problem in Japan!

To be honest, this is the first parade that I've sat all the way through.

I couldn't resist the costumes though, aren't they lovely?

Leading the way, the Mad Hatter and Alice.

The Tea Party Dancers

Is that Felix? I didn't know he was Disney.

Maybe it's a retro Mickey?

Bye bye eggs!

They came back!

Bunny dancers (no, not THAT kind of bunny!)

Not really a Pooh fan...

Stitch, King of Japan

Probably the only cast members not dying in the heat

Topical - Toy Story!

A bit tragic - no sign of the Hunchback himself!

Love Mary's dress <3

My favourite costumes.

So which did you like the best?

I just loved the colours in the final picture but how awful to wear that in 31C weather!

And why wasn't the Hunchback of Notre Dame on his film's float - not pretty enough?

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing those lovely pics! now I'm sure I wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland!!! Maybe they have such a lovely parade in winter, too??

  2. hahaha tokyo must be so hot right now! i like the toy story one just because I watched it two days ago~

  3. Aaaww I wanna go to Disney now!! =D

  4. Thank you for sharing those photos!!
    THey are so awesome! i wanna go to disney land.... :(

  5. Thanh Thao - They have special parades all the time, I'm sure you can see something nice in Winter!

  6. mr. pineapple man - It was boiling hot! Oooh, you say Toy Story, I want to see it too!

  7. Shmuberry - I wish you could have come too!

  8. Dolce♥Bunny - I'm glad you enjoyed them! Maybe you can visit soon!

  9. wow the floats and costumes are awesome!!

    alice in wonderland!!!! :DDDDDDD

  10. cin-cin - Can't get enough Alice!