Daytime Disney

12:50 AM

The rest of my photos from Tokyo Disney.

Well, the girls have gone home and the soba party was a great success, thank God!

It's not that I'm a bad cook, I'm just a lazy cook.

My boyfriend can cook anything.

This is because his mother is hopeless, so when he was young he decided that he wanted to eat nice food and taught himself how to do it.

My mother, on the other hand, is a great cook so I never bothered learning.

Fortunately, soba turned out to be really easy and perfect in the summer heat.

Today's post is the non-food Tokyo Disney photo collection.

Well, I might spread it out over two days...enjoy! 

The entrance

The Waffle Cafe

The first of many, many photos of the castle

Snow White's Toilet (well, that's what it looks like she's doing!)

Push your boyfriend in and make a wish!

We couldn't go inside because of renovations :(

Beautiful mosaic

Outside the Queen of Hearts' Banquet Hall

Inside the Hall

The JAL logo made me suspicious of this!

And that's the end of the daytime pictures!

In the evening, things got a bit more romantic.

Actually, most of the pictures we took that day were too "coupley" that I don't want to post them here!

To use Dublin slang, "shamer"! *blush*

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  1. I love disneyland so much~ I've been to the one in Paris 4 times now, and I want to go again after seeing these pictures.

    Snow White's toilet... X"D

  2. Awh I'm definitely making Tokyo Disney a day out when I'm back in Japan!

    Where in Japan do you live? I'd love to be able to meet you when I'm there, you're so lovely!

  3. Ohh I want to go there as soon as I'm there, it looks so beautiful!! :3

    I love soba too! I teached myself to cook but now I can only cook asian cuisine and mainly japanese because that's what I wanted to eat xDD

  4. oh wow, it looks amazing in there!!

  5. I'm a lazy cook too, but my mom also doesn't cook haha. It's fine since we both are dieting and don't eat much anyway haha^^

    Wow, your bf looks fashionable!

    Thanks for sharing all your great DisneyLand photos, especially of inside the Red Queen hall. I've never eaten there but I want to someday^^

  6. So cute! I definitely want to visit there one day :D

  7. Thanks for the Disney pics. The last few times, we went to Disney Sea instead of Land so it has been a while to see that. You are lucky your bf can cook. Tom can make something simple, but I like eating my own food so I do almost all the cooking. ^^

  8. Aww, now i really wanna go to Disneyland in Tokyo! It is much more nicer than the one I visited in Paris :-)

    My mum is also a great cook, but I started learing cooking lately, since I'm going to live on my own starting this November. I'm going to miss "Hotel Mum", though! XDD

  9. pretty photos ^^
    I wanna hve one of off those eggs in the first picture ^^

  10. Sandra - If it comes in pink - Please come to Japan someday, there are many lovely pink things in Disneyland!

  11. Pony - I want to visit the one in Paris again! The last time was so long ago that I can't remember...I can remember that we saw an eclipse though, that was nice!

  12. lucieliu - Aww, don't make me blush! I live in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku. Noone ever goes north of Tokyo, but it's a really nice place to live. I love it here. I could always take a trip down to the big smoke though, haha!

  13. Rii - I know what you mean! I can't cook much European food either, we're terrible! Haha! But it's easy to eat healthy with Japanese food, so that's lucky.

  14. Saving Capulet - Yes, like a dream!

  15. さらまり - I'd definitely sacrifice cooking talent for dieting talent! My bf isn't THAT fashionable, but I'm working on it, haha!

  16. Keiko - I hope you can visit someday!

  17. Sakie and Thomas Gantz - It's better if you can cook your own food! That way you are more independent...better than me!

  18. Thanh Thao - Soon it will be a "sink or swim" situation for you, but I'm sure you'll be fine!

  19. Naka - Maybe they are full of chocolate!

  20. ah~!! it looks liek so much fun! You lucky girl!!

  21. Dolce♥Bunny - It was great, but now I'm back at work everyday, so not THAT lucky! ;P

  22. Oh that looks like so much fun! My boyfriend is the same, he is a fantastic cook so I never bother XD

  23. Violet LeBeaux - Lucky us, haha! But even so, I want to improve my own skills. You never know when it might be handy!