Nighttime Disney

12:50 AM

If you don't like castles, turn away now...

If you want romantic Disney, it's better to go to Disney Sea.

TDL is not without its charm though and can produce some memorable moments.

It's landscaped beautifully, so walking around in the dusk lets you forget that you're in a theme park.

Somehow it feels more Disney-ish.

Why oh why did you walk into my picture???

Reading Cinderella as a mosaic suggests that it was a real historical event...maybe!

Entry to the Blue Bayou Restaurant, where you eat in the garden of an old Louisiana-style house.

Expensive menu

It looks outside but actually it's in a big indoors complex.

People on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that passes by the restaurant.

Ghost ship!

In conclusion, Tokyo Disneyland is fantastic!

Although I don't have much Disney experience so it all felt new to me.

The only bad thing was how much money I spent.

The food, oh God, the FOOD! All the dieting was worth it ;)

My personal highlight had nothing to do with the attractions.

Instead, when I was in one of the shops, a little boy sidled close to me and whispered "Alisu?"

Now, I had put the effort in - blue dress, white stockings, full on big-eye make-up.

I looked about as Alice-y as you can get.

I didn't want to tell a lie though, so I just smiled knowingly at him without saying anything.

He smiled a huuuuge grin and ran off.

Hopefully he went home believing that he met Alice in Wonderland and will treasure the memory for a long time.

Gyah, I love kids - so cute!

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  1. oh wow, what a pretty alice you must have been!!

    and i love the castle shots! so breathtaking~

  2. my friend is going to harry potter land this summer and disneyland.. i am so jealous!! :) x

  3. Saving Capulet - No way, it was the end of the day and I looked a mess. But I guess it was enough for a little boy!

  4. Vicki - The Harry Potter Land looks really interesting...but too many shops. I don't think I could control my spending!

  5. Oh your pictures make me want to go back! I always figured that restaurant was expensive when I went by it riding the Pirates. But I still want to try eating there!

    Oh your story with the little boy was so cute^^ When I dress cutesy there I notice I get more looks, and then the random guy trying to get a photo with me... haha! I would much prefer kids than a random guy!

  6. さらまり - As you can see from the menu, it IS a bit expensive. But seeing as how it's a special occasion for people like us to go to Disney, don't you think we deserve it? ;)