Fortunate Fashion

12:50 AM

Lucky Bag!

I went to an amazing shop in Tokyo, with lots of marine-style clothes and retro looks.

And I've completely forgotten the name.


I really wanted to share it with you because it's tucked away in Harajuku, kind of hard to find.

Well, I'll be back in a couple of weeks, I'll get the name then.

When I went there, I bought one of their 1050yen lucky bags.

I can't resist them....

Here's what was inside:

Mini floral scrunchie

Big heart necklace

Cute pearled earrings

Bling bling love bracelet

Incredibly gorgeous nautical phone strap

Huge shell bracelet

Mysterious bracelet thing (but it has an English coin, booo!)

(Blurred) Cherry earrings

Simple hair bobbin

Retro scrunchie

Horror-kei earrings!

My ear piercings closed up along time ago though.

I should get them re-done, but I'm afraid!

Any thoughts/advice?

I'm really pleased with everything I got though, considering the risk you take with lucky bags!

As a general update, today was 28 degrees and 90% humidity.

Those of you who dream of moving to Japan - don't do it! ><

(Hopefully I'm sweating off calories at least...)

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  1. woa! so many nice goodies! you're lucky ^^. Well I have got my ears pierced for my 20th birthday 'cause I've been too scared before... teehee
    I got some problems in the beginning with the changing of my earrings ('cause the holes would close very quickly) but I think it's worth it :) Now they change without problems and I'm happy I got them ^^

  2. I love the marine strap and the retro scrunchie! <3 super cute
    And the simple hair bobbin is so pretty!

    Though I don't wear earring anymore, my holes are still intact D: They'll never close! ahah
    I don't like much to wear earrings, so it's kind of useless XD

  3. Everything is so cute! I definitely think you should get repierced so you can rock the earrings. ^^ Just be sure to wait at least a week and a half after getting pierced to change the earrings bc any sooner and your ear lobes will swell up and you'll be unable to put another earring in. As long as it's tender, don't try to change the earring because the tenderness means that it's still healing and the hole hasn't healed at the edges yet.

  4. i love the phone strap and the scrunchies :3

  5. Looks like you lucked out on the contents of the mystery bag. The bracelet thingy is cool.

  6. Wow looks like the lucky bag was really good!

  7. Is horror-kei slowly invading the world (one lucky pack at a time)?!? XD
    You got a lot of cute stuff too.
    Personally, my ear piercings never closed even thought I rarely (more like never actually) wear earrings.
    But I have a friend who got them pierced not too long ago and it seems like it doesn't hurt much.
    You just have to be careful with where you get them done, right? :D
    I think that it's the most important. :)

  8. Yay, that was a lucky pack! I can't resist their lure either. You got a lot of items for 1050Y!

    I really like those pearl earring and the Love bracelet, how cute!

    Hmm, my ear piercing holes have never closed fully. I usually shove some studs in when they start closing.

    My advice is go for it, bring your bf with you for support and then act a little scared so he buys you a stuff animal or something for comfort haha!

  9. Yay. lovely stuff for so less money! Great!

    I've experienced the japanese summer two times, and it is not nice!! Actually it is horrible, so I decided to move in November to get used to the clima slowly, hahaha! (Or I just return to Germany in the summer, hahaha!)

  10. I love those fukubukuro! I usually get either 1050 yen ones or the 525yen ones. most of the stuff are not nice but you got a nice selection!!!

  11. Riechan - I know what you mean. I'm sure that once it's done, it will be ok. But I'm afraid of the pain - still such a child! Haha!

  12. Sasa - You are lucky that your holes didn't close! That way even if you change your mind it's ok. But sometimes I wonder if I really need earings, maybe not...

  13. Therese Jane - The funny thing is, I used to work in Claires, so I'm quite familiar with earpiercing and aftercare. Somehow I don't trust myself on me though!

  14. Naka - Me too, I think the strap is the best!

  15. Sakie and Thomas Gantz - I'm not even sure if it is a bracelet! I've never seen one like that before!

  16. Winnie - Yep, a lucky lucky bag!

  17. Tiramisu - I think I need to be careful because there is probably scar tissue where my previous holes were. But as long as I go to a good place it should be ok...

  18. さらまり - That's such a good plan! But I don't think it would work. He's a kind of "S" type, so he's probably enjoy my discomfort :(

  19. Thanh Thao - That's a good plan! It's so different to what I'm used to in Ireland. And I live in Tohoku now, I can't imagine what the rest of Japan is like!

  20. Dolce♥Bunny - I think 1050Y bags are usually good. But the 525Y bags are a waste of money, it's usually more suited to JHS girls!