Curly Wurly

12:50 AM

Cute but not enough...

Recently I bought this mini hair iron.

It fits in a handbag and is good for curling or straightening.

Good mini size, haha!

But it does look a bit like a....erm....naughty toy. If you know what I mean...

The week after I bought it, it was featured in SWEET magazine - yay! Ahead of the game!

So now I'm messing around with some new styles, but I think I want to do more.

So, I've been thinking about getting a perm.

But I don't know the first thing about them, so please advise me!

My hair is a little beyond shoulder length and I was thinking of soft waves rather than tight ringlets.

Kind of romantic curls like you see in magazines, right?

Can that be done by perm? Will perm survive the humid Japanese Summer?

Tsubasa's hair is quite short now, so here are some ideas, if you don't mind taking a look:

Or should I invest in a proper curling iron and hairspray?

I'm not sure I want to damage my hair with chemicals....hmmm....

Opinions please!

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  1. definitely perm. I think it is one of those things that you have to try at least once in your life! :) or if you are afraid of damage to your hair, definitely invest in a good curling iron(which can double as a straightener) and hair products.

  2. i've heard about "digital perms" (dejitaru paama) which are quite popular in japan, i think ? they give nice, soft curls instead of normal tight perms !

  3. Wow, this looks useful... when traveling XD I have a friend who wants to buy one of those irons to straighten his hair when he goes out. Yes, like in the middle of the street... he's just too fashion-self-conscious. Or something like that XD

    Naughty toys ftw. hhaha

    I love to do curls *w* you could try that❤
    I had a friend over yesterday and I just had to curl all her hair! hah I'm an addict!
    I just try to stay away from hair spray as much as I can, but sometimes it's inevitable.

    You gotta experiment lots and then post pics!! c:

  4. How big is the hair iron? I can't really tell...Sorry! -3-

  5. If you get your hair permed with larger rolls, it will become waves instead of curls. You just have to specify with your hair stylist.

    But, honestly, I think you should just invest in a good haircurler and some products, myself, though. A perm only lasts so long but it cost so much.

    (And when I saw the first picture, I thought you were showing off a naughty toy, too. HAhahaha)

  6. I have been thinking exactly the same thing! I had a perm before which I did myself at home with a kit I bought in the chemist (I am very paranoid about letting other people near my hair since a professional and expensive hairdresser turned my hair GREEN!!!)and I didn't notice too much damage to my hair, it was a bit more dry for a few days but after a few washes with conditioner was fine. I love curls so I'm wondering whether to do it again...

  7. I have a similar iron!
    When I was living in France, I killed my iron and I had to order one from the US that could be used with an adapter~ I still use it now,it's so useful! Tho I wished mine was cordless~

    I don't know much about perms so I would be tempted to invest in a good curling iron~

  8. The curling iron is really cute I think! Naughty toy, haha! I'm sorry I don't know anything about perms, I wish I could give some advice TT

  9. Tsubasa hair is love! Its sooo cute and would look great on you. But perms can me dangerous, in fact I got the opposite done once (my hair is curly so I got a chemical straigtner) and I eventually had to shave my head because of the damage NO LIE and because youre a blonde your hair may not be pretty sensitive. Try the curling iron for a while, use heat protectant. If you dare try a perm but be careful! :D hope this helps

  10. the perm iron is too small, the curl might not big enough to gv u a wavy curve. but, its really cute in pink and convenient when travelling.

  11. This really usefull~ And 'good mini size'? as opposed to 'bad mini size'? X"D

    I can't help you with the curls, since I have naturally curly hair. But I think a perm is quite expensive, so buying a curling irom might be a better idea? o.o

  12. Yi-Lin - yep, I should be brave! A curling iron would be good to have anyway but you're right, I should try a perm at least once!

  13. Kaisu - that's exactly what I was thinking of! You don't see many tight curls here, so stylists must be used to doing it!

  14. Sasa - Your friend sounds like fun! A good friend for a girl to have haha. So you don't like to use hairspray much? Well, in that case maybe a perm is best for me because my hair isn't very heavy.

  15. hkittygirl - It's not much bigger than my hand! Look at it in comparison to the tatami mat border!

  16. Therese Jane - The main reason I want a perm though, is because when I go to Tokyo next week I won't have time to beautify myself everyday. I'm think of ways to speed up the process, even if it's just temporary!

  17. Polly - OMG, green??? You shouldn't give up on salons though, there are many good ones. But if you can do it yourself that's really cool anyway!

  18. Shmuberry - It's a really handy style of iron, right! I can't wait to go travelling and really put it to the test!

  19. さらまり - That's ok, I'll have to do the research myself! :)

  20. Bianca - Wow, that's really scary! I would die if I had to shave my head. I definitely need to talk with my stylist about this first!

  21. STEPHENIE WONG - Well, it's not a curling iron, it's a straightening one, so I think the size is ok. But yeah, the most important this is how useful it is for travelling!

  22. Pony - A perm is not too expensive, or at least I think it's worth the money. It's the hair damage I'm mostly worried about!

  23. Oh wow !!! those curls Tsubasa are pretty!!
    I also want to get perm, but not the super curly one ;D

    I curl mine at the moment and I think the time and the heat damage I am doing to my hair daily; the chemicals might not be worse ;P .

    I don't know if they do that kind of perm though :DDD

  24. Yeah, my hair stylist told me that he doesn't want to perm my hair. He said it's too unhealthy for our hair. I think I'll trust his advice!