Tohokool: Matsushima Part Two

12:50 AM

From the ocean to the island...

Ok, skipping over yesterday's mess, let's get back to Matsushima.

It seemed like many of you weren't "ocean people".

To be honest, I don't think I am either - or at least I find wooded areas more interesting.

I've lived by the beach all my life in Ireland, France and Japan but somehow trees are irresistible.

Hmm...must be my potato-loving Celtic blood, haha.

In my experience, the wooded areas in Japan and Korea are quite similar to each other, but very different to European forests. I don't know much about trees in Asia, but I suppose a lot of them are local varieties.

Matsushima bay is dotted with tiny islands to explore and I think that many of them (like the one in today's post) were burial and worship sites.

Anyway, release your inner Mori-gal and enjoy the view...

This was a small chain of three islands, connected by red bridges.


Watch out for the Yakult truck!

What's that beside the Buddha?

I'm not sure, but I was afraid to touch it!

Little protective rabbits?

This tunnel was pitch black, I wanted to see what would happen if I used flash!

Island fashion #1

Island fashion #2


*sigh* Isn't it wonderful?

I thought it was so romantic, not necessarily in the "love-dovey" sense, but in a mysterious and beautiful kind of way.

Although we went on a Saturday, the small islands were almost totally empty.

I guess many tourists don't know where to find them - hooray for local knowledge!

After this island-chain, we considered going to the "biggest" small island but to get there we would have to pass the Cursed Bridge.

Local legend has it that any couple who crosses the bridge is destined to break up!


What did the Miruku Couple do????

Find out...erm...sometime soon!

P.S. Thanks for all your kind words towards Mr. M! He's doing well, or at least well enough to try and convince his insurance company that tens of thousands of yen's worth of belongings were destroyed in the accident...bad boy, haha!

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  1. Yeah I can agree that it's romantic! The red bridge stands out a lot among the green scenery.

  2. I love this. Your past two posts did make me realize that I do like wooded areas more than the ocean. LOL.

    These pictures reminded me of 'Spirited Away'. :]

  3. What lovely fotos! :-)) I think I must visit you in Tohoku! :-))) Let's exchange email addresses! :-)

    I'm so glad your bf is fine! I've read about the little accident!

  4. Those pictures are so beautiful =3
    I am curious as to what those objects you didn't want to touch, aucutall were, haha. =D

  5. Nice forest! The cursed bridge sounds scary o_o

  6. Glad that the other half is doing well. I love these photos, I agree, definitely something beautifully mysterious about the location. I find nature so fascinating when I'm abroad too, they are so different to what I see everyday at home!

  7. Very serene and mystical. I'd like to go there too!

  8. The place looks amazing! Looks like totoro lives there! Did you see him? :D

  9. ya really looks like totoro lives there, haha, how lovely.

  10. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!~ *__*
    I'm like you~ I love the ocean, but there's just something enchanting about forests. I think you described it best by calling it romantic in a mysterious way :)

    And I want to know what the Miruku couple did! Don't keep us in suspense for too long!~ o.o

  11. diyanahomie - Right! You can tell that they put time and planning into making it as striking as possible.

  12. very nice photos. now I want to visit there. :-)

  13. Therese Jane - Yes, very Ghibli! Maybe I can make my own story here...!

  14. Thanh Thao - Yay! You are the first success of the Tohokool project! Of course you are welcome to visit!

  15. Square Kitties - I'm still curious too! But I thought they might be precious or sacred so I didn't want to disturb them.

  16. petitechouxx - Very scary indeed! I'll post photos maybe tomorrow!

  17. Winnie - That's why travelling is so much fun! Although we should all probably try to appreciate out local stuff more, that's harder to do!

  18. Lisa and Alex - Please visit if you get the chance!

  19. Dolce♥Bunny - I didn't see him but I was so busy taking photos that I may have missed him!

  20. STEPHENIE WONG - If he really lives here than many people should come to enjoy his home!

  21. 華 ♡°・.。 - Well, one of the reasons why I like Sendai is that both the ocean and the woods are easily accessible, so I don't have to choose! And please wait a little longer to find out what we did next! XD

  22. Sakie and Thomas Gantz - I'd be happy to show you around if you ever want to come!

  23. OMG I didnt even know something happened to your bf!! This is why I hate disappearing off the net people always get hurt and I'm left out the loop! I'm glad everything is somewhat better and money is underway.

    I agree though I'm a forest baby, infact I grew up in a house in the forest with berries growing in my back yard and deer on the porch. I love the forest more than the ocean, maybe because after a while the ocean is just like "....welp thats it!" I suppose its more fun under the sea, than just a horizon line :/

  24. Bianca - That's the way though, it's hard to follow so many blogs! The place where you grew up sounds so nice. And maybe it's more fun under the ocean, but I don't want to find out THAT much!