Dolly Wink By Masuwaka Tsubasa - Nail Varnish Review!

12:50 AM

Hot off the press...or...erm, the shelves, or something...

This has to be one of the first reviews for this product, right?

Maybe I'll win a Pulitzer!

Maybe..if I wasn't absolutely CRAP at nail varnish though! I mean, I've pleaded ignorance of things like false lashes before. I don't even have that excuse now.

I'm just naturally very bad at applying nail varnish.

However, when I saw the new display in the shop, I had to buy one!

Let's start with the price - 525yen. That's a very good price compared to Tsubasa's other products.

It's almost small change, an amount that you wouldn't feel guilty spending.

It IS a small jar though, I wouldn't expect it to last very long in the hands of someone who takes their nails seriously.

The shop had this free guide to the colours and styles in the range.

The packaging is, as expected, gorgeous. I took pictures with and without flash to show the full effect.

I love the diamond-esque cut of the bottle.

The colour is called turquoise, but I think it's more of a sky blue.

Now I have to apologise again.

I can't wear bright colours on my finger nails because of work.

That leaves my toes.

Toes that have been ravaged by years of kendo and circulatory problems.

View the following photos at your own risk...


After one coat

After two coats

Then I panicked and tried "nail art" by blobbing on some pink crap from the 100yen shop. I don't think you can see it clearly here. Thank God.

So, what do you want from a nail varnish?

Colour - it came out very well in the pictures, so you can see how nice it is. It really pops and somehow makes me feel very cheerful!

Speed - it seemed to dry very fast, I was finished quickly.

Long lasting - don't know yet, sorry!

Even my clueless eyes could see the difference between the Dolly Wink and the 100yen product.

As I said, I'm not a nail varnish girl.

However, the cheap price, pretty colours and easy use have convinced me to buy another jar or two.

Bring on the summer sandals!

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  1. Ohh very cute and nice indeed. I love it. It has a very rich and saturated color I might have to buy something and its sooo affordable!!

  2. Yes, you are the first to review this product for sure! Thank you so much for your review^^

    The little booklet looks really useful since they show manicures you can do just with the available colors.

    I think the color I would like best from this line is the sparkly orange one. Since it seemed to work nicely for you, I will try it^^

  3. Such good pigmentation! Love the free guide.

  4. i love the packaging ^^ tehe and i like the guide too :3

  5. Oh thank you so much for the review, I've been wondering how they would stack up against other polishes! The colour looks great and the price sounds good for a Tsubasa product. I hope they bring them out over here!

  6. Ahhhh, I've seen pictures of the nail polishes and you're the first one that I've seen who has reviewed them! The packaging is adorable!

  7. yay! You might be right on being the first to review this cuz You're the first i've seen! Well, I heard from a Japanese friend that even just one coat it was good enough, was it true? Cuz i saw you put two coats! Great review by the way ^^

  8. Hahahahah you're so cute. I'm also not a nail polish girl too, but Tsubasa is just so cute I may just want a few colors from the Dollywink lacquer line!

  9. My friend would die for this colour!! :-))

    But thanks for this great review anyway! :-))
    It suits you very good! :-)

  10. wow u are quick! i bought these but i havent done anything with them yet. but i didnt buy this color u got! its great! i am definetely going to get it now. thank u for the review.

  11. Bianca - Yep, I was really surprised by the price! Maybe she got bad feedback about her other stuff?

  12. さらまり - I can totally imagine you rocking the orange! You can try all you like when you come back to Japan soon!

  13. mr. pineapple man - mee too! So....energetic!

  14. Therese Jane - I think it was the free guide that tempted me into buying it!

  15. Naka - Tsubasa's packaging is always so nice. I think it would tempt me even if I didn't know her!

  16. Violet LeBeaux - Even if they're not available in Oz, you might consider getting them online.It's worth it!

  17. Winnie - I wish I could have done a better review, but surely someone with more know-how will do it soon!

  18. Dolce♥Bunny - I thought it looked ok after one coat, but then I thought I was supposed to do two coats. I thought that was typical for nail varnish. I told you I'm clueless! ^^

  19. Aicha Amano - I think they're so cheap that it's worth a try. Maybe you will become a nail polish girl!

  20. Thanh Thao - It is a BEAUTIFUL colour, isn't it? I really like blue in the Summer :)

  21. Yumeko - I hope you will do a review too, I want to see how you use them!

  22. The packaging is so cute my head is going to explode!

  23. Keiko - Don't explode! Just buy some! :)

  24. The colour looks great! But it's still kinda pricy for me expecially for a small bottle but I would love to see it when it hits out store, lucky you