Urban Catwalk

12:50 AM

The good thing about living in a smallish city..

..is that it's easy to find the "fashion people" and make friends with them.

Sendai has an amazing underground fashion scene and so many people who make their own pieces.

Everyone seems to know everyone, so every once in a while the people from the cool hair salons hook up with the people from the hip boutiques who get in touch with the top DJs etc.

Then they call their favourite white girl, Miruku! ;)

This fashion show was held in a small nightclub and it had a really intimate feel.

The theme was something like "Fairytale Wedding" and it's very haute couture, only to be worn by the bravest of the brave!

We were all grooving to the DJs, then just sat down where ever we were to watch the fashion show, so the shots aren't great...oh well!

Starting with a dark bride.

I love the details!

The Indecisive Groom

The main event starts with Pirorin, who used to work at my salon. The girl has the most amazing fashion sense I've ever seen.

Part of the show was Kanabu (my favourite assistant stylist <3 ) arranging her hair.

Then she removed her cloak and the groom reappeared.

Another bride, lucky guy...


Then we partied until morning!

Thanks for helping me out on Twitter everyone, I'm beginning to get the hang of it now.

Also, I said I'd do a giveaway when I hit 50 followers, now I'm over 70.

I'm sorry, I'm awful. Thanks for following and I'll get cracking on the giveaway this weekend, cross my heart!

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  1. Whoa, such a cool show!
    I'd love to go to something like this! I bet it was amazing.
    And it's so cool you get to know everyone i the fashion/beauty world of your city, it sure makes things more fun.

    I'll be waiting for the giveaway! x3

  2. COOL! I'm loving the show, I wish I was there :D! I'm happy you are showing me some of the underground scene I mean I love brands but sometimes it great to see work made by ppl before they become big. Thanks for the great work ;)

  3. This is really neat, it's an experience that most people would never have the chance to get for sure. It's so wonderful you are connected to the fashion people in Sendai and can share these great events with us. Thank you!

  4. Oooh you're on twitter? I'll have to find you!

    I also love that you get to hang out with these fashionable types! Jealous!

  5. How amazing is that?

    I love looking at japanese fashion! I don't know if I myself can pull it off but I still love observing them

  6. It looked like a lot of fun! The only fashion event I've ever seen was my highschool fashion show.... and that was because I was asked to be the photograph xD

    Congrats on the 70+ followers !!

  7. love the photos im jeaslous! i wanna go :p

  8. Sasa - I don't know EVERYONE! I wish I did XD But it's nice to get invited to these events and pretend that I know about fashion!

  9. Bianca - I agree! I like street snaps, but many of those girls just follow trends. Shows like this bring you something completely different!

  10. さらまり - I want to get more involved, then I can show you all more interesting pictures!

  11. Winnie - Hey, from your blog it looks like you have your own fashionable set of friends. You don't need mine!

  12. Aicha Amano - I agree, maybe we can't wear these clothes! But it's very interesting to see the designer's ideas.

  13. Shmuberry - Whaaaaaaaat? I can't believe you weren't modelling! You should have been!

  14. Naka - If you can come to Sendai, I will introduce you to these people!