A Promise Kept, A Promise Broken

11:54 PM

Fashion and fireworks!

There we go!

A promise kept - I'm posting coordinates.

Last Tuesday I went to a huuuuuge fireworks display at Matsushima.

I also attended last year so was familiar with the military-style preparation needed to get there.

There's just one small train that goes there and phone signal is weak even on normal days.

During festival time that makes getting there and meeting people after 6pm impossible.

So it was a quick dash home from work to get changed and head out with minimal make-up and no hair styling ToT.

I also discovered that I can't photograph myself very well.

Oh dear, look at this robot-like mess:

Top: Blouse and vest set - Rose Fan Fan
Bottom - Denim short pants - Lip Service
Robot Pose - Embarrassing

Cute set for 1000yen right?

So, promise kept, first step on the road to being a better blogger, etc.

I still don't feel comfortable posing but I think I'm beginning to notice the same stupid things I do each time.

So next time there'll be less robot!

Moving on - a promise broken!

Every time that I go to see fireworks, I always try to take photos, fail and get annoyed because I miss the fireworks themselves.

So, on Tuesday I promised myself that I would just relax and enjoy the display.

I couldn't resist though and would you believe it - they turned out great!

So if you like fireworks, please take a look.

If not, erm, tough luck :)

These were paper lanterns floating on the ocean.

Spectacular, don't you agree?

They were probably my last big fireworks of this summer so I was feeling very nostalgic.

But maybe it was just a few too many drinks!

By the way, if you have shoulder-length/Tsubasa-length hair you should really check out the new PopSister.

They have tutorials on how to do Tsubasa-styles, yay!

Also, if you look to the side of the page, I now have a Formspring.

So if you ever wanted to know how to do a robot pose, now's your chance.

I also joined Tumblr, but it's crap so far so you don't need to look at it...yet!

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  1. those self-potraits in the mirror shots are difficult, just practice and you will get better at it! :)

    I love the fireworks pictures! :D they are like brightly coloured flowers, so pretty! XD

  2. cute coordi snaps~ i think there is some charm in your robot pose, lol XD
    the blouse/vest set is ~adorable~ i love flower print anything, and it's such a classic pairing with jean shorts for summer♥

  3. *to the first picture* WORK IT BABY!!!!! hehe!!
    Love the outfit! and after seeing all the fireworks, I feel a bit home sick... Kinda miss Daimonji Matsuri in Fukuoka... :( sobsob

  4. Loving the pictures of you but agree, the first time I posted pictures of my face was a big step!! You'll get used to it eventually!

    The fireworks look amazing, I hope I can see the awesome fireworks in Japan one day. Guess it's like a long extended version of something like Fireworks night? Love it!

  5. oh wow! i love fireworks, its breathtaking! and you look great! very kawaii blouse <3

  6. Wow, the fireworks' spectacular! xD Thanks for sharing it with us~ The photos are beautiful and also, welcome back blogging, darling!

    Am looking forward to your posts! Have a lovely weekend~ :D

  7. I think trying different poses and looking at other people's poses is the easiest and best way to feel comfortable with the poses you do yourself ♥
    & I love the blouse & vest set, such a great deal at 1000Yen ♪♪

    Japanese fireworks are really gorgeous (though I can't really say that as I only went to see one last year (^ w ^)) There were so many different forms and figures, it was awesome! Not comparable to the ones I've seen here in Germany. Sad to hear that this might have been your last one for this year but there'll always be next year, right? ♥

  8. Cute outfit! I really like the blouse! Also, the paper lanterns on the ocean are super cool looking! Must've been tons of fun!

    Thank you so much for following my blog! It means so much to me!

  9. Awe, I think you look super-cute~! ♥ I'm loving the sweet girly-summer-casual of your outfit~ such a great deal for only 1000yen!
    I think the more snaps you take, the more comfortable you will become~ don't be afraid to look silly though, because all gals take silly photos sometimes, it's fun! ;D
    The fireworks do look amazing too~ lovely photos ♥

  10. I can't photograph myself either XDD I'm usually doing something ridiculous.
    I love it when they set of tons of fireworks at the same time [like the 20th firework pic] so the entire sky is bright. (:

  11. yay fireworks, we rarely see fireworks here, because it is usually against the law here

  12. lovely post!!
    I'll follow your blogif you'll follow mine:

  13. wow your outfit is adorable and you got it for so cheap!! :DD
    my bf also went to the fireworks~ did you see him XD

  14. I didn't see him! :( but there were thousands of people there, it would have been impossible!

  15. I'd prefer if you followed me because you enjoyed my blog, not because I might follow you back! :)

  16. It was the same when I was growing up, so sad!

  17. I guess people like you and me give a "natural charm" in our photos, haha!

  18. Thanks for the support! It's hard to pass up a bargain like that. I hope I can improve my posing a bit, I'll keep trying!

  19. I followed your blog not to be nice, but because your blog is genuinely interesting!

  20. You're right, there are so many inspirational bloggers out there. Hopefully I can learn from them! Anyway, even if those were my last fireworks of this summer, at least there are other festivals throughout the year!

  21. It's good to be back! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  22. Thank you! I love fireworks too, they're so romantic!

  23. Something like that! Haha! Thanks for the advice about picture taking. Actually I often think about your pictures when I'm doing mine. Your poses are always so simple but elegant!

  24. Aww! Don't be sad! You don't live tooooo far away. You could come home some time!

  25. Thanks! Who knows, maybe the robot will catch on!

  26. I need to study camwhore technique! And yes, the fireworks are so pretty! Just like flowers!

  27. I like fireworks too! You look cute in that outfit =D

  28. LOLS! I always make that promise and always break it too! EXCEPT THIS YEAR I like stood still to NOT take pictures!! it was so hard I was like the whole time "I should be blogging this!!" But I was able to not do it :D and enjoy the works with my friends :)

    Btw you are super cute! :D

  29. Thank you! I really appreciate fireworks now because I couldn't enjoy them growing up!

  30. I think we get addicted to blogging! It can take over our lives if we're not careful. Be afraaaaid!