Milk Tea Grand Renewal!

12:15 AM

Erm...where did I leave off?

Almost a month ago I announced a 3 week hiatus so that I could spend time with my family.

I hadn't seen them since Christmas and it was their first time in Japan so things were pretty crazy.

They also met Mr Miruku's family and we had a big formal dinner together - yikes!

I made sure to take plenty of pictures and was looking forward to showing you around "my" Tokyo...


...disaster struck!

The night before my family left, my cute pink VAIO packed it in ToT

I was worried that everything was lost, but (I think) it's all recoverable.

Still, I was left with no laptop and living in Japan without internet is a killer.

So I got this little baby:

It's an Asus EeePC netbook and it's so pretty!

It's not very powerful and doesn't have a CD drive but was was cheap and will keep me going until my VAIO is well again.

Get well soon VAIO!

In the meantime, I love the tiny size of this Asus.

I want to go back to college next year and this would be perfect for essay writing in the library.

Hee hee, Engrish!

Anyway, the main thing is I'm online but I'm afraid of pushing this machine too hard.

So, today's post is just a little summary of some recent buys.

Also, I need to find my blogger groove again. It's hard to come back after such a long break!

From the 100 yen shop - pigs for my pigtails!

They had a variety of animals available but pigs are so cute...and tasty, haha!

New Vivienne Westwood bag!

This was a present from my darling mother.

Yellow tartan is not something I'd usually go for, so that's why I wanted to "challenge" it, as we say in Japan.

I've just realised now that unless you know tatami mat sizes, you have know idea how big the bag is.

Erm, it's like a shoulder tote so you could fit some A4 sized notebooks in with room to spare.

Yum yum logo, I can't resist! Viviennnnnnne!

So that was a successful purchase.

The next

Miruku's First Hair Curler - dun dun DAAAHN!

Actually, I had no idea what to get.

I figured Vidal Sassoon was such a famous brand that it must be good.

I guess the marketing theory of "brand recognition" is true!

The kit.

What do you think?

Is it ok?

It seems to work nicely, but I'm having trouble using hairspray.

Well, that's a post for another day.

Incidentally, this strange head-protector came with the iron:

I was going to post a pic of me wearing it but I looked like a doughy Iron Man.

So that's not happening!


I want to start posting more outfits but I thought it might be better to introduce the items of clothing first.

So that's a project for this week.

Now I have to make my lunch for tomorrow.

The edamame are boiling and smell so good!

Well, it's good to be back guys, I missed you!

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  1. Awe, wb~! ♥
    I'm sorry to hear about your other laptop but the new one is so cute & PINK! Hopefully it will stand up to lots of blogging, haha~
    Great purchases though & I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some code posts! ;D

  2. The netbook is so pretty
    and om nom nom Vivienne XD I love it, if you ever fall out with it send it my way ;D haha

  3. and we missed u too :) being a brit i of course luv Vivienne xx

  4. Oooh love your netbook! It's so cute! Hope your Vaio gets well soon, I use one and it's lasted me a super long time (5yrs and counting) but I reallllly want/need to upgrade to a Mac Book pro because it's slowly dying!

    I know what you mean about getting back into the groove! When I go on holiday, it's hard to get back into the routine again. Sounds like you had an awesome time with your family and it's great to see you back!!

  5. the head protector is.. interesting XD but at least you'll be safe from burns! burnt forehead is not cool!

    glad to have you back btw~ i've been checking for new posts more often since i wasn't very good at it before :D

    and the laptop is sexy~

  6. Your new hair curler looks EXACTLY like my friend Nikki's - except for the brand. Hers is a conair infiniti. Perhaps they buy from the same manufacturer?

    I have no idea where you left off either but I missed your posts. ^^

  7. Oh engrish X3
    I've never curled my hair before...I just got used to using a straightener. heheh

  8. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. It's so lovely! It makes me miss Japan so much (all of my family is there)!

    I love Vivienne Westwood. Yellow Tartan, when done right, is just awesome. But I agree about the logo: it's really to die for! I want it on everything!

    Also for the curler and hairspray, I hear spraying the hair first and after curling makes it last longer. Worth a shot?

    Good luck!

  9. I'm glad that you are back to blogging, I'm sorry to hear that your laptop pooped out though! That stinks >< Luckily you got that cute little netbook so you can update! Thank you for sharing the photos of all your new stuff, its so great to read your posts again!

  10. Welcome back! and omg thats a really cute one though!!
    Love the bag! So jealouse.... hope to be reading more blogs from you sooooooon ^^

  11. Miruku!!! I missed you so much!! Welcome back!

    I'm sorry ot hear about your laptop, but the new netbook looks stylish, too! :-) I'v also bought a new one recently, and I'm totally happy with it :-) It will come to Japan with me :-)

    Hope you'll be back as often as before your hiatus, cause I really love your posts! :-)

  12. welcome back!
    Baw for the loss of old laptop, but yey for new one! haha plus, I'm sure in Japan are much cooler for less price x3
    I hope you can get all your data back!

  13. I like your new notebook ~ I've been hankering after a small one myself... Do you find it hard to read the screen being smaller?

    Oh and Hi! I have been following your blog for a while, but haven't managed to comment yet. =.=

    b. of Depict This!

  14. that's one gorgeous bag!
    maybe you can try a curl enhancing cream (Redken in really good).


  15. That's such a cute labtop! I love it and envy it! The piggies for your pigtail idea is absolutely ingeniously cute! ♥

  16. Haha, it wasn't THAT clever but I agree - supercute piggies!

  17. Thanks for commenting! ^^ The screen is actually really nice. The strange thing is that you have to scroll down a lot more than you're probably used to. But in terms of reading, it's all good!

  18. I don't know about cheaper, but the options here are definitely cooler! But I still miss my old VAIO ToT

  19. I missed you too! Glad to hear that you're getting everything together for coming to Japan. I'll expect a meet up as soon as you're settled!

  20. Haha, there's no beating Vivienne! It's good to be back!

  21. Yeah, never trusting a laptop again! It's good to be back blogging, but hard to get into the swing of things, ya know?

  22. That's an interesting theory about hair spray - I'll have to test it! You know, the yellow tartan is quite risky. I'm going to have to clash as much as possible "on purpose", haha!

  23. I used to love my old straightner! The one I use in Japan is pretty good too, but I guess curling is something we should all try in our lives!

  24. Maybe they are from the Or maybe someone found a design that REALLY works? Anyway, that seems like a good sign!

  25. No no no! The head protector is awful, haha!

  26. Hmm, MacBooks are so pretty. But I think iTunes has turned me off Apple-products. Although if someone wanted to give me one, I wouldn't say no!

  27. Coordinate posts are scary but I'm gonna be braaaave! I hope. Maybe I should get photoshop first!

  28. Awe~ you can do it!! No photoshop necessary, haha! ♥

  29. Welcome back! :-) Very cute litle laptop, but that is too bad about the other one. I hope you can get all the data off of it.

  30. That's what boyfriends are for!

  31. The Vivi bag is LOVE! ME WANTY! (oh I never officially said I received the package and THANK YOU)

  32. I'm so glad that it arrived safely! I was worried that it got lost but I was afraid to ask in case that made the nightmare come true! So stupid, haha!