Halloween Cake

1:49 AM

Today I went cafe hunting with my good friend Cintya . Earlier in the day we attended the first annual Tohoku Collection fashion show (as VIPs of course) and admired/envied the fabulous bodies of the models. So, we had no choice but to go and eat cake afterwards.

We went to La Maison in Parco, which definitely has the prettiest cakes in town. They also have an excellent tea menu, as you can see above. Everything looked so delicious but I couldn't resist the seasonal menu (I'm a sucker for limited edition things).

The cake and tea set was a fairly reasonable 1100yen. I also got the seasonal tea flavour, a pumpkin and maple mix served with an apple compote as a sweetener. It had a much stronger flavour than some herbal teas and actually tasted like it was supposed to. I'll probably pop back during the week for a packet to sip at home.

The cake also didn't disappoint. Pumpkin and 'purin' (Japanese pudding) tart on a chocolate biscuit base. Flaked chocolate was scattered over the plate, with a ring of caramel sauce around it and a little marzipan jack-o-lantern on top.

(I actually was afraid to eat the jack-o-lantern because I thought it was plastic for the longest time!)

Cintya went for the equally delicious looking fruit tart, along with the rose mint tea. I can confirm the tea was wonderful too because I tasted it! Something else to add to the shopping list...

In the end I couldn't actually finish my cake because it was a little too much for me. But it was definitely the best way to recover after a stressful day watching fashion. 

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  1. It looks so yum and such a good price too :D
    If that was in England the pumpkin would be a plastic ring haha

    1. Actually when I was eating it I was thinking the same! When I was young we used to eat the traditional Irish barm brack and there'd be a penny, a ring, etc inside!

  2. yummy!!!!! it looks so mega delicious :)

    1. It definitely was! I want to eat it again!