OOTD 10/13

9:18 PM

There was no time to do my hair ~sob~

  • Jacket: Vintage Levi's from Tatouage (Zool)
  • Inner: Vintage from CANDY
  • Skirt: a gift
  • Tights: Marks and Spencer
  • Socks: Tutuanna
  • Shoes: Nike
  • Accessories; Titty & Co., Chichikaka

Last night I ventured into the wilds of northern Sendai for a friend's birthday party. These days my go-to styling is quite 90's throwback. All those hours watching Saved By The Bell are coming in handy. I went to the party with my best friend who lives near me. We get on well but she's so good at getting ready quickly. I take ages to "do my face" (you can't rush a masterpiece). Then I feel bad at keeping her waiting so everything else becomes a rush. Hence the lack of time to do anything with my hair. I should practice some of those 2 minute emergency hair styles!

We got together again today for a group study session. I'm taking the JLPT in December so I really need to start putting some work in. Probably too late at this point but maybe I can scrape through? I'm taking N3 which I suppose I should have done already, but obviously last year was a write-off for so many reasons. Hopefully my brain will become a kanji sponge for the next month and a half. Good luck to anyone else taking it!

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  1. I love the colour in this outfit...especially the bright aqua Nikes!

    1. They're my favourite shoes at the moment, I love the splash of colour!