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Mail-order subscription clubs are nothing new. Even ones that send you beauty product samples have been around for a while. But I think they have really gained in popularity in the past year or so. Mainly down to GlossyBox. The set up is simple, for a small fee each month the customer receives 4 - 5 items to try, right to their doorstep. The items are (in theory) selected based on that month's range and the customer's beauty profile. The people behind GlossyBox are smart. When they expand to a new territory they send sample boxes to popular bloggers in that country/region. I don't have any stats to back this up, but it seems those sample boxes contain the best or most expensive products and thus convince readers to sign up.

Beautiful packaging

Before I joined myself, most of the beauty bloggers that I follow had already cancelled their subscriptions. People had the same complaints all over the world. The quality of items was getting worse with each box, they products received by "regular" people weren't as good as those received by popular bloggers and the products in question had nothing to do with the customer's beauty profile. In Ireland, there was a huge delay in the boxes being shipped (from the UK), with people being billed for box B before box A had even arrived!
So there was a lot of negativity around GlossyBox. But still I subscribed:
  • In Japan, most online orders - including GlossyBox - can be paid by cash on delivery. I knew I would at least have the items in my hands before I parted with any money.
  • The total cost including shipping comes to less than 2000yen per month. That's less a night out.
  • I'm weak and I love surprises!
I received the August box at the end of the month on the same day that it was shipped! Here's what was inside:

(minus a lot of packaging, leaflets and brochures)

  • Adolle "Squeeze Gel" (for cellulite)
  • D.U.O. "The Cleansing Balm" (skin care)
  • Jenoris "Pistachio and Borage Oils" (hair care)
  • Lunasol "Skinmodeling Water Cream Foundation Sample Set" (3 brown lidded items in top left)
  • Tofu "LOVE Professional Make-up Sponge"

Overall, I was satisfied. Personally I wasn't hoping for miracle items with which I could overhaul my beauty regime. Actually I'm quite happy with all of the products that I currently use. What I wanted was a few products that I could use for a month and then forget about. I didn't want to get sucked in to buying full-sized  bottles of something expensive. But I thought it would be wonderful to get a chance to try new products, especially things that I couldn't or wouldn't normally buy. And it's like having a mini-Christmas morning once a month.

Greeting and contents card

I will admit to having one problem that I've heard is common: envy. My friend also signed up and we opened our boxes together. The contents were totally different but about even in quality. Except...she got Givenchy make-up. Granted, it was small and probably the equivalent item to my big pot of cleanser. But still. Envy. (Interestingly, we both got the same items in our second boxes).

Greeting and contents card (reverse)

I'll review the items individually later, but generally I was happy enough to keep up my subscription. I consider it to be just a bit of fun and it definitely cheers me up each month. It also always comes on a Friday, so I look forward to opening the box with my friend over a glass of wine. Perfect girlie night in! 

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  1. I always see these glossy boxes and have never given in to subscribing. Mostly because I'm so picky with cosmetics and face care products and it's always a bit hit and miss isn't it? Looks like you got some really nice things though! Cute phone case too!

    1. Oh it's definitely hit and miss. The only thing I would be very nervous about is skin whitener. I don't mind taking chances on the rest!

  2. love glossy boxes!

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

    1. Thanks for reading, the boxes are such good fun! I'm not sure that your blog link is correct though...

  3. I have to say I DID wonder what a glossy box was when I saw your tweet. Now I know! It's a bit like the fukubukuro concept...I've defo been sucked in to buying a bag not knowing totally what was in it. But the surprise is fun :)

    BTW LOVE the look of the site! Sp pretty :)

    1. Exactly like fukubukuro! Although those are financially a lot more damaging, haha. I can't take any credit for the site design, I just found it and was lucky that it's free!

  4. I was close to subscribing one but then I thought I'm not one for surprises haha.. lovely seeing it in your post though!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I don't necessarily like surprises...but somehow I can' resist...