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12:25 AM

United Nude shoe case

Generally, I hate shoes. I tend to have one or two pairs at a time that are fine, but the rest rub my toes and give me blisters. I think I have sensitive feet and I certainly do a lot of walking. It's really hard to find good shoes that look cute and don't hurt to wear. Especially in Japan. Many girls are lucky because there are so many lovely, cheap shoes here but I just can't wear them. 

Recently though, I have been lucky. I picked up two pairs of good quality shoes at reasonable prices. And they are so BEAUTIFUL! First up is a pair of heels by United Nude. Funnily enough I had been lusting after their current collection in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago but they are really quite expensive. On Halloween I went on a shopping date with my mother in Sendai. Since it was a Wednesday, we went to "Don Don Down on Wednesday", a second-hand clothes shop that reduces everything on (you guessed it) Wednesdays. It was there that I found these bad boys:

Eamz Pumps by United Nude

Aren't they gorgeous? I love the eighties racing stripes and the white heel is just starting to trend again. These were an absolute steal at 3,500yen. I can't believe they were so cheap since the current collection is selling at  219euro! Although the lack of heel looks kind of awkward, they're actually very comfortable to wear. They're a centimetre larger than I usually wear but I couldn't feel any difference. This is definitely the pay-off for spending countess fruitless hours trawling around all the second-hand clothes shops in Japan. 

The famous gap-heel design.

There is actually great support in the sole.

The second new pair of shoes were actually bought before the heels, when I was in Tokyo. I always make time to stop by Opening Ceremony in Shinjuku's Lumine department store. They always carry some interesting designs and collaborations. This time they had the result of a collaboration between House of Holland and Superga:

Business at the front...

...Party at the back!

House of Holland logo.

Superga detail.

I still can't get enough of platform trainers but I'm already pretty tall so these are the prefect height. The combination of the simple shoe design with the bold colours at the back really appealed to me. It's like being effortlessly cool, you know? The House of Holland website recommends going a size down from what you normally wear but unfortunately I didn't know that when I bought them. They're a little too big so I suppose I'll have to get insoles or something. All the same, they are extremely comfortable. Definitely a good purchase for someone like me who walks everywhere!

So those are the new additions to my wardrobe shoe pile. What do you think? Aren't second-hand shops the best thing ever?!? By the way, I've added two new pages to Milk Tea. First is the Style Gallery, a kind of look book of my outfits with links to the relevant posts. The other new page is an About Me. I wasn't really sure what to write in it though, so if you have any questions, now is the time to ask!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to shoe problems!!

    I am loving those flatforms :D

    1. Poor us and our useless feet! Also I didn't know they were called flatforms, thanks!

  2. I am in love with those Eamz Pumps! They are so unique and awesome! I would love to see what you pair them with.

    1. They're wonderful, aren't they? I'm definitely planning on wearing them to my cousin's wedding next month to stand out from the crowd!