Armani Exchange: Sendai Grand Opening

11:28 PM

The long, nightclub style shop floor.

The sad news is that my mother has gone home. The bad news is...the new episode of The Walking Dead. No spoilers, but seriously, wtf? I'm traumatised. Anyway, the good news is on Saturday I attended the grand opening of Sendai's new Armani Exchange store. It's in the prime shopping location of Sendai's Ichibancho surrounded by other high class brands like COACH and Brooks Brothers. Armani Exchange (A/X) is the more youthful and affordable (in theory) branch of the Armani House. I have to admit it's not something I would be drawn to normally, unless I found it discounted in a resale store. But the event was wonderful and the clothes were chic and smart. I think the imaginary, future, business woman me would shop here for sure.

The first thousand customers would get a promotional t-shirt.

The menswear area.

These sunglasses were amazing. So much want.

Many of the ladies seemed more interested in dressing their dates than themselves.

They even had Armani balloons.

Chic and stylish cash desk.

The ladies wear wasn't leaning too heavily towards A/W. I expect that will change soon because Sendai is getting very chilly, very fast!

I loved this giant tote. I wanted to buy it, paint on it and cover it with badges.

Ootd: Tops/skirt: Etw. Vonneguet (Webshop/Forsta Sendai))
T-shirt: UNIQLO x Lulu Guinness (Uniqlo AER)
Shoes: Le Coq Sportif (Mitsukoshi Sendai)
Socks: Tutuanna (Tutuanna Sendai)
Bag: Blond Cigarettes (Garden Sendai)
Rings: F.E.A.R., EXIST (gifts)

(Note: yeah, I realise I dressed about as un-Armani as you can get!)

These t-shirt prints seemed soooooo gaudy and Italian to me. 懐かしい!

The jewellery and accessories were the most fabulous things. Although the bracelets didn't fit me OR the Japanese staff girl!

Simplicity is not usually my style, but I could make an exception for these bags.

I missed all the good refreshments.

Sexy DJ, sexy booth, sexy tunes.

Congratulatory flowers.

More flowers.

MOAR flowers.

New shop front with requisite handsome greeters.

Armani Exchange, Sendai Ichibancho.

As a final note I have to mention the exceptional service provided by the staff here. I really enjoyed the party and trying on all the lovely pieces. In fact, I suppose I enjoyed it too much. Because it was several hours later on the other side of town that I noticed that I had left a precious piece of jewellery of my own there by mistake. It was late and I wasn't feeling well and at that point I had no idea where I had lost it, only that it was gone and irreplaceable due to sentimental value. It really spoiled my Saturday and I was so upset. The following day, having long given up hope of finding it, I happened to walk by Armani Exchange again. My mother persuaded me to go in and check...and the wonderful, darling staff had found my jewellery and kept it safe. Thank you to the honest people of Japan and thank you to the fantastic, kind staff at Armani Exchange. 

I think a shop is made by it's staff and customer service so I'm sure A/X will be a great success. Thank you and good luck!

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  1. I love your outfit - loving the layered drapey look of it all!

    1. Thank you! It's a bit awkward to get it looking right but it's nice and warm underneath!

  2. Sounds like a lovely shopping experience! xo

    1. Would have been better if I could have afforded something though! haha