Review: Jenoris Pistachio Oil

12:10 PM

Sample bottle of Jenoris Pistachio Oil and information leaflet

It's Saturday morning(ish) and I'm eating pancakes in bed. My mam is literally the greatest person in the world. I wish she could come to visit more often but it's just two months until Christmas when all my family will be reunited again. Can. Not. Wait. On one of those days between Christmas and New Year that all seem to bleed into one another, my eldest cousin is getting married. He is the first of our generation to do so and it will actually be the first wedding I have attended as an adult/real person.

I know I'm not supposed to overshadow the bride but I have stepped up by beauty regime in anticipation of the big day. I tend to be a little all-over-the-place when it comes to buying/trying/forgetting new products. That's why I love GlossyBox. The highlight of the August box (reviewed here) was definitely this hair oil by Jenoris.

The ugliest hairstyling I have ever seen.

So what is Jenoris Pistachio Oil when it's at home? According to their website:
  • Pistachio oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. Which speeds up "the regeneration of dry, damaged and chemically treated hair".
  • For consumer ease it is based on "an-apply-and-go formula".
  • The oils nourish the scalp and provide softer and stronger hair.
It all sounds fabulous, but I wash my hair to get rid of the oil. Do I really want to add more back in later? The answer is...yes!

iPhone size test

It's not just hype. After using the oil on-and-off for two weeks I have noticed a definite thickening of my hair. It just looks so....healthy. My hair suffers a lot due to epilepsy medication so it gets very thin in some spots. The pistachio oil didn't miraculously produce lots of new follicles but it definitely added strength and bounce to what I already had. The oil is pretty easy to apply, although the sample I received doesn't have any kind of stopper so I had to be careful not to pour out too much. All I did was rub the oil into my hands and comb my fingers through my hair. One warning though, keep it mostly under the top layer of your hair. It did end up looking like grease in some areas where it became too noticeable. Still, that was easily solved with a good hairbrush.   

Very informative packaging

My mam, who has a short pixie cut, also liked it. I think hair length and volume does make a difference with some products but this Jenoris oil seems very multifunctional. We both found it great to apply just before going out to hold our style. Neither of us have curly hair though, I don't know how well it would work in that case. I recommend anyone to give it a try, the scent of the oil is absolutely gorgeous and it does seem packed with goodness. 

Healthy hair = happy me!

Depending on availability I will probably rebuy Jenoris Pistachio Oil (and maybe their other products too). If it's hard to find in Sendai then I'd even look into other hair oils because I'm impressed with them as a concept. This made the GlossyBox excellent value for money and my hair smells lovely. If anyone has tried this or other hair oils, I'd love to hear how you got on!

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  1. ur hair looks so glossy! i think i should step up my beauty regime too XD

    1. I think our hair is our most important feature so it's worth putting in the effort. Especially when the products smell soooo nice!

  2. I love your hair! But does this product make your hair grow longer too?