Post-Summer Style

12:29 AM

OOTD - 12/09/24

  • Outer: Avoca (Avoca Handweavers)
  • Inner: Resale (Zool Tatouage)
  • Skirt: Resale (Zool Tatouage)
  • Socks: THE TEST (Forsta)
  • Shoes: Tokyo Bopper (Tokyo Bopper)
  • Hair bow: gift from Hiyoko
  • Accessories: Nakamura Coubou (Sakura), チチカカ (Kouenji), Hong Kong Design Fair
Today was supposed to be a productive day. The plan was to accept redelivery of October's GlossyBox, order business cards, send some blogging/business emails and update both English and Japanese blogs. I'd say about 70% of that list was accomplished. The problem was the unfortunate distraction!

My favourite resale shop in Sendai is Don Don Down On Wednesday, which (as the name implies) has big reductions every Wednesday. Since today is also Halloween there were even more bargains to be had. I snagged two amazing items...which will be revealed later this week! Along with loads more GlossyBox updates because I'm sooooo far behind.

Instagrammed Version

I ran out of time to edit any photos today so here's an end of Summer look I wore for dinner with my brother and karaoke afterwards. I got the giant bow from my friend for my birthday but didn't have anything green to wear it with for a long time. Luckily I picked up the top and skirt in the sales for 1000yen each. The jacket was also a bargain last Christmas in Dublin for 15euro. The shoes were crazy expensive but hey - that's Tokyo Bopper for you!

I did nothing for special for Halloween by the way. I hope the rest of you had more fun!

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  1. i love your hair and the outfit ^^ and happy halloween ^^

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you had a great Halloween too!