Tokyo Weekend Style

11:47 PM

OOTD 12/10/26

  • Outer: Vintage Levi's (Zool Tatouage)
  • Inner: Resale (Zool Tatouage)
  • Skirt: SPINNS
  • Tights: Marks and Spencer
  • Accessories: Nakamura Coubu (Sakura), F.E.A.R (Garden) (Scramble Market)

I'm back from Tokyo with my mother! After almost a year of not seeing each other we painted the capital red. Shops, restaurants, karaoke parlours - nowhere was safe from our fun-loving clutches. Now we have retired back to Sendai for a more relaxing week...oh, sorry. Did I say relaxing? Never mind, I have to work, fml.

While in Tokyo I really lived the dream though. I attended two fashion trade shows and met some wonderful new designers who I can hopefully feature on the blog soon. I also received a sample from a fabulous new jewellery line, which slightly offset the money that I DIDN'T save and instead threw at clothes. Anyway, fashion events are such good fun, even when they're technically business. I'm planning on attending/crashing many more from now on, so watch this space...

FOTD 12/10/26

  • MAC/Candy Doll/KATE/Heroine/Elizabeth Arden/Shu Uemura/Lancome
Actually disaster struck on the second day of the trip, just as I was heading to the fashion shows. I've recently switched to monthly contact lenses and am having a little trouble getting used to the cleaning solution plus tablet mixture that I'm supposed to soak them in every night. Since I left all my Tokyo packing to the last minute, of course the tablets got left behind  Fool that I am, I tried to wear the lenses after leaving them in   just the solution overnight. Fool, fool, fool. THE PAIN. I honestly thought I had seriously damaged my eyes. If anyone else is ever considering doing the same thing...DON'T, please don't. That stuff is like pure alcohol or something, I learned the hard way.

As a result of my idiocy, I spent the morning at the opticians getting checked out and buying an emergency pack of daily contacts (all for the low, low price of 1800yen). So I forgot to take decent pictures of ootd and fotd. I do have loooovely pictures of garments from the fashion shows (including me modelling the dress I bought). Until then, please enjoy my Friday look, in which the main factor was comfort for the journey from Sendai to Tokyo.

Riding the Shinkansen

Now however, I'm back to the daily grind. But the weekend was so inspiring. The relationship between the brand designer, PR staff and shop buyer is really very interesting. I'm currently thinking of pursuing that. First step is to make some business cards I suppose. If anyone has any comments or tips about making them, please let me know! 

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  1. i hope ur eyes are okay now and i love your outfit :)

    1. They're totally fine now, thank you!