Review: Adolle Squeeze Gel

1:35 AM

Sample size with a little pamphlet

Short blog post today because the real world is getting in the way of my awesome online existence. Basically work is a pain and dieting is a pain. But the future is bright and the gym was fun so even though I was miserable today, I'll go to bed happy!

The first item that I'll review from the August 2012 GlossyBox Japan is Adolle Squeeze Gel. There are a lot of fancy words and pictures in the brochure, but basically it's a cellulite cream. Do those things work? To Japanese women actually get cellulite? Short answers: no; yes (let it all hang out at the gym ladies!).

If she has cellulite she sure isn't showing it.

The Adolle website is full of positive reviews from online users and magazines. The Squeeze Gel itself is rated 4.4 out of 7 on Japan's site. So there's either a highly dedicated marketing team or a sizeable amount of women who try it genuinely like it. Personally, I didn't think it was anything that special. Maybe I'm the wrong type to review this, as a reasonably active 25 year old I don't need this gel (yet). I gave it a shot though, no-one's backside is perfect right?

It has a nice texture and rubs into the skin very quickly without much of an oily residue. I was worried I'd have to spend ages waiting for it to dry. So no complaints about the product. But as for the function, I can't say I noticed any difference after using it for a couple of weeks. It was a small sample though (full size is 3129yen). Maybe I have an awesome peach of a bottom or maybe this product needs long-term commitment. Either way it's not for me.

iPhone size test.

I was happy to get it in the GlossyBox and try it out. I like it enough to use it all up because...cosmetics are fun right? But once the sample is finished I won't look for it in the shops. I'm no cellulite expert and as a huge fan of tights I won't be worrying about it. This is a nice product though and if you're really looking for something to help you out, you could do worse than try Adolle Squeeze Gel. As for me, I'll stick to the gym for now!

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  1. Your iphone cover is the cutest thing ever! Plus I'm with you - I'm a fan of tights and they cover most things up!

    1. They cover up everything important, phew!