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Snap snap snap - in the fabulous bathrooms of Sendai PARCO

Happy Hump Day! Actually Tuesday is my real hump day because I'm so busy that I can't even have dinner until 10.30pm... So Wednesday is welcome after that! The good news is my Google Friend Connect has hit 200 - thanks everyone! As promised, I'll hold a giveaway next week. Shopping for prizes will take my mind off the doomed-to-fail JLPT at the weekend so everyone's a winner!

Fabulous Nozomi Ishiguro legwarmers

Recently I've taken a couple of sewing classes. I have a machine but can't do much with it beyond a simple tote bag. There are so many ideas floating around in my head but it's hard to actually catch one and turn it into something real. If anyone has any tips or guidelines for learning to sew or some simple projects, please let me know!

Outfit details in an upcoming OOTD post...

Definitely addicted to my SPINNS choker <3

Smells like candy!

I don't think I mentioned this before but I found the most kawaii bathbomb EVER in Tokyo. It's Kiki and Lala, the "Little Twin Stars". They are my favourite Sanrio characters, I love them so much more than Hello Kitty. The bathbomb was huge, bigger than half the size of my fist. I wish I had taken a picture of it. Once it had dissolved, I found a little plastic toy inside it. There were 5 available - two each of Kiki and Lala and one of them both together. I got....actually I don't even know which is Kiki and which is Lala. I got the pink haired girl! Which one is she?

Mince-nachos-waffle combo at Cafe G-Clef in Tokyo

Pretty tea cup from the same place.

A gift of a cheese cake slice from my co-worker.

I don't love cheesecake as much as some people do but cheesecake slices are the best idea ever. Why don't they do that with all desserts? Sometimes you have a craving for something naughty and once you stop, you can't finish. Hello a million calories. Actually that's why macarons are wonderful, delicious AND tiny.

Gross Osaka Water

You might have seen this on my Instagram recently. This "made in Osaka" water was donated to Sendai after the 3/11 disaster. Which is fine in theory. But by the time it made its way into the hands of my colleagues and I it tasted awful. Like, full of chlorine or something. Thanks for that Osaka!

Home-made potato waffles.

I really miss good potato food here in Japan (you can take the girl out of Ireland...). When I bought a waffle iron I really hoped I could make Birdseye-style potato waffles. When my mum came to visit we tried and it kind of worked... Maybe my iron isn't hot enough but they took forever to cook and we actually ended up frying them a little because we got to hungry to wait. So the search for potato waffles goes on!

Kawaii Kappa~!

Finally, the cutest snack I have ever been given. A Kappa (Japanese river monster) cookie from Iwate Prefecture. His face is just soooo cute!

That's your random fix of Japanese fashion and food for today! And tomorrow is Glossybox day! I haven't even written about the previous two boxes yet...where does the time go? I need more hours in the day!

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  1. the kappa cookie is so cute❤ was it shaped like a kappa as well?
    oh and the pink haired girl from "little twin stars" is lala ^0^/

    1. Ah! Lala! Thanks for telling me, I felt so stupid haha. Yeah, the cookie was shaped like a kappa's face, I should have taken a picture x_x