Review: D.U.O. Cleanser

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glossybox, cleanser, duo

A big tub to try in comparison with the typically small products that GlossyBox usually sends.

I'm free! Finally I can stop studying/pretending to study. I took JLPT N3 yesterday and although I'm not confident that I passed, at least I can stop worrying about it. I feel like I've fallen so far behind on the things I want to blog about so I'm going to try and start scheduling posts. First I want to get up to date with my GlossyBox packages and reviews. I've received four but only written about one.  

glossybox, cleanser, duo

The science stuff. Does anyone really care?

I held off on trying this cleanser from D.U.O. because I'm quite happy with my current one from Etude House. But then I thought, since I have it I may as well use it. And I was pleasantly surprised. It comes with a good pedigree, between January and March 2011 it was ranked #1 cleanser on Japan's top cosmetics review site

glossybox, cleanser, duo

I got the one on the left.

glossybox, cleanser, duo

Of course they recommend you buy the whole set.

The cleanser is in the form of a hard cream that turns waxy when you first apply it to your wet skin. The first plus point is clear, a little goes a long, long way. It spreads really easily and I really thought I could feel it getting in deep and attacking all the mess that was my make-up. But the real test was the removal.

glossybox, cleanser, duo

iPhone size test.

glossybox, cleanser, duo

iPhone size test two.

Actually it was a little hard to take off. For that reason I always use it when I take a shower instead of just a regular evening skincare routine. Fortunately, it's hard to remove because it reeeeeeally gets all of your foundation easily. And the annoying stuff like eyelash glue too. That's another reason why it's good to use it in the shower, you can just let the water wash it off. The Etude House cleanser needs a bit of scrubbing to get off which is a little rough on my skin. I much prefer this method.

glossybox, cleanser, duo

It comes with a handy applicator so you don't have to use your fingers.

This is a definite recommendation from me. Although my Etude House cleanser is cheaper (and cuter), it doesn't leave my skin feeling as healthy as the D.U.O. cleanser. I suggest anyone with sensitive skin to give this a try. It's perfect for the harsh winter months!

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  1. I've seen it in quite a few Japanese blogs! 3,780 yen sounds reasonable yet after a short consideration, a bit on the steep side for a makeup remover...

    1. I know what you mean! When I use it it feels like good quality but when I compare it to other things that do the same job, I don't think I would buy it...