Review: Lunasol Skincare and Foundation

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lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

Lots of goodies from Lunasol

Lunasol is one of the big names in Japanese cosmetics. Produced by beauty-powerhouse Kanebo, Lunasol takes its name from the moon and sun. For many women, using cosmetics is a ritual every morning and every night. When we apply make-up we deal with light and shadow, contouring and shaping our faces (although I'm usually too lazy for that, haha!). Anyway, it's a classy name that matches the high-class reputation of the brand. Needless to say I was excited to try these samples from GlossyBox Japan.

lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

I like getting a lot of literature with the samples.

I got three small samples:
  • Lunasol First Skin Adjuster
  • Lunasol Control Base
  • Lunasol Skin Modelling Water Cream Foundation
They are three out of the roughly five million products that Lunasol recommend as part of your daily facial routine. However I'm a loyalty-card-card carrying fan of a number of Korean skincare brands, so I'm not easily swayed by others.

lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

The pamphlet contained all kinds of make-up and beauty guides. I thought it was excellent because we can always learn something new.

Overall, I can't complain about the quality of Lunasol. I don't think it's good enough to warrant the high price tag, but maybe that's because I was sent a horrible, horrible shade of yellow-brown foundation to try. Here's a quick summary of each item
  • Lunasol First Skin Adjuster: My pick of the three samples. Using it on your bare skin prepares your pores to open up and absorb lotion/make-up. It also has a moist, cooling feeling. I guess it would work as a moisuturiser, although I never used it on its own. I think products like this are a luxury so I probably won't rush out to buy it, but I will keep my eyes peeled for sales and promotions.

  • Lunasol Control Base: A basic base colour to smooth out skin tone and hide blemishes. It felt nice and silky, but it seems like an unnecessary product for ladies who use BB cream.

  • Lunasol Skin Modelling Water Cream Foundation: Dear God, the horror. It's not Lunasol's fault but GlossyBox sent me the most dreadful colour that made me look jaundiced. It's hard to wear and review a product when it looks more like face-paint than make-up. It's not a bad foundation though. There are plenty of other tones available, I was just unlucky.

lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

iPhone size test.

I didn't want to waste the products so I wore them going at night when I knew I would outdoors or not taking pictures. It's a pity that I can't review them properly but I can at least vouch for their longevity. The pictures below were taken after a cold Winter's night motor bike adventure to Matsushima. This was followed by a couple of hours walking around in a freezing park admiring a light show. I have to respect any make-up that can survive that and still look respectable.

lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

Yellowish tinge.

lunasol, japan, skincare, beauty

Close up.

Note: I added a few touches of Palgantong powder to smooth over the shiny effect of the foundation. In the picture above, the light patch just under my eye best represents how it really looked.

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  1. Oooh man, the tiny samples are so adorable! I'm a huge Lunasol fan (the mountain of eyeshadow palettes attest to that) but I've never tried their base makeup.

    Oooh Korean skincare? Do share some of your picks!

    1. Oh so you recommend their other products? Id like to try them but I reeeeeeally don't need more make up, haha! As for Korean skincare - that's a great idea for a post! I should do it!

  2. i think Lunasol base makeup is geared towards more asian skin tones, nearly all their shades are yellow-toned. sorry to hear about the colour-mismatch! lunasol base never worked for me :/

    1. Well I certainly will never buy it again but at least it was fun to try. It's reasonable to expect Asian-tone skincare products in Japan so I can't really complain!