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narita. japan, amsterdam, christmas

At Narita airport waiting to fly to Dublin via Amsterdam.

 Hello, merry Christmas and happy new year! I spent the first day of 2013 playing video games in my pyjamas  Start as you mean to go on? I wish... Every year I save up my annual leave so I can come home to Ireland for the holidays. I love Japan and Sendai is fantastic, but Christmas is Christmas and family is family.

vintage, tea party

A beautiful book I found in Brown Thomas, Dublin.

This year was extra special because my eldest cousin Michael got married on the 29th of December. He is the first of our generation to get married and gave us all a great excuse to experience the wild beauty of the west of Ireland. Who will be next to walk down the aisle? Maybe me....!

dublin, ireland, bridge, liffey

The Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin.

dublin, ireland, bridge, liffey

nail, manicure, gold, opi, ring

Manicure by Fifth Avenue Nails, Dublin.

My brother gave my mother and I an early Christmas present of a manicure. On December 23rd we went to Fifth Avenue Nails in Dublin city centre. It was really special because we were together and we were treated by my brother...unfortunately it was a real disappointment. The staff were foreign and their level of English was so poor. Of course I understand how hard it is to live and work abroad. But I also know how little it takes to smile. Instead my mother and I were treated brusquely, handled roughly and the girl doing my nails actually cut me and I bled! What's even worse is that she didn't admit her mistake and thought she could get away without me noticing it. Fifth Avenue Nail Salon Dublin - don't bother.

coke, cola, mince pie

Jet-lag breakfast.

Whenever I arrive home from Japan, the jet-lag always makes me wake up around 5 or 6am. Usually I just stay in bed until everyone else gets up but sometimes the hunger wins. See above, a classic Christmas breakfast of Diet Coke and a mince pie. 

christmas, tree, present, light

Stockpile under our Christmas tree.

christmas, lights, dundrum

Christmas lights at Dundrum shopping centre.

As for presents and shopping, of course there was lots. Plenty of hauls and gets to post. But for the first post of the new year, there you have a general catch-up. I'll arrive back in Japan next Sunday and it's straight back to work on Monday morning. But with only 7 months to go, the end is in sight.

Here's to 2013!

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  1. how nice, that you are able to spend quality time with your family back home. the nail salon experience doesn't sound so good, though.
    I can't believe, that the staff even didn't admit her mistake >.<

    1. Well she had to admit it when my finger was gushing blood but even then she hardly apologised! So rude!