Patchwork and Recycling

5:51 AM

OOTD 12/11/18

  • Jacket: Ank Rouge (Laforet Harajuku)
  • Skirt: Tomoki Yurita (resale)
  • Leggings: Jane Norman (Dublin)
  • Socks: Tutuanna (Sendai)
  • Runners: Nike (ABC Mart Sendai)
  • Bag: Mifune (resale)

A patchwork skirt made from all kinds of material. I had wanted it for about 2 years but couldn't afford lucky to finally find it in a resale shop!

The jacket is from Ank Rouge's first or second collection, back when they used to be cool...

For no reason at all, 1UP!

OOTD, better late then never! I think I've gained about 5kg over Christmas/Wedding/New Years so I don't really want to post any current pictures. But I only come home once a year so I think I'm justified in pigging out. I'll be good from next week onwards, promise!

Anyway it's not like I have millions of clothes and new outfits everyday. The outfit above is a useful fall-back this winter. Every time I wear the Ank Rouge jacket I shake my head. Am I crazy or did that brand change from one extreme to the other in a very short space of time? When it debuted a couple of years ago it was dark and gothic Now it's sweet and preppy (and not to my taste). Oh well, at least I'll always have my jacket with which to remember the good old days...

I'm heading in to the sales in Dublin tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some good fortune. Happy hunting ladies! 

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  1. Looove your outfit! :)

  2. back when they used to be cool... ---> I almost fell of my chair laughing. Surely they can't be that bad?

    1. Well maybe they're still cute but definitely not cool, haha!