Tokyo Girl Giveaway

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☆ Tokyo Girl Giveaway ☆

I've been promising it for weeks and finally the hour is upon us! My first giveaway in about 100 years is themed "Tokyo Girl". Disclaimer: I do not live in Tokyo (yet) and do not claim to represent all of the ladies in our great capital. I do however, spend a lot of time there. And now you could be in with a chance of winning my carefully-selected Tokyo girl survival kit. Planning a trip to Japan? Want to bring a little Tokyo style to your own life? What a great way to kick off 2013!

Here's the prize pack:

Candy Stripper X Snoopy Bag (iPod not included!)

A gift with the February 2012 issue of Zipper magazine, this bag is big enough to hold all the prizes and more. The print features lots of cute, sleepy Snoopy and the main colour is the current trend shade of purple. 
Candy Stripper is the hot cutesy-rock Harajuku brand and Snoopy is...apparently sleeping on the moon!

Canmake Day & Night Lip Serum

Winter is the harshest time on our lips. There's nothing like a good balm or serum to keep them soft and smooth during the cold months. Japanese brand Canmake's Day & Night offers 24 hour protection and also acts as gloss. It's clear so you can wear it on its own or over your favourite lipstick.

Etude House Darling Snail Cream

Snail cream - using extracts from snail mucus - is all the rage in Asian beauty. Apparently it has protective qualities and can also heal skin blemishes such as acne scars. I guess a lot of people are tempted to try it but are put off by the ingredients (and the price tag). So here is a sample from Korea's Etude House. Why don't you try it and see what you think?

Face/Skin Roller

Roll it along your face and body to keep your skin smooth and firm. I like to use mine in the bath. It's wonderful as a mini-massager, especially on the soles of your feet!

Pure Peach Drops

I often see these in the handbags of magazine models and I keep some in my drawer at work. Deliciously sour but covered with sugar powder, they also contain collagen and some vitamins  So even though you're satisfying your sweet tooth, hopefully there are some healthy benefits!

Runway Channel Badges

An extra pair from gyaru online shopping mall Runway Channel's event at Tokyo Fashion's Night Out 2012.

Flower-shaped Soap

Aren't they the cutest thing you've ever seen? It can be used as hand or body soap. Just break of the petals as you need to use them. Or, if you're feeling REALLY luxurious, use a whole flower!

Sticky Kairo

Do you know kairo? They are disposable pocket hand warmers, a must for surviving the Japanese winter. These are my favourite kind - the sticky ones! That means you can hide them under your outside layers so you can stay toasty all day long.

Bunny Kairo Case

Alternatively, you can also pop your kairo inside this specially designed kairo case. That way you can keep it handy on your handbag or keychain. 

Hello Kitty Eyelash Case

You know that awful moment when you're out but you feel your false lashes beginning to peel off? Never fear! This cute Hello Kitty keychain has space for a spare set of lashes and a small tube of glue. Hallelujah! 

Pink Satin and Black Lace Bow Clips

These have little clips at the back (like clip-on earrings) and are supposed to be used to jazz-up shoes. But I suppose you could attach them to anything or even use them as a hair accessory. The possibilities are endless!

Purple Butterfly Print Bow

Simple, practical and beautiful - just like us, eh ladies?

Kimono Fabric Compact Mirror

A popular souvenir from Japan, I always give these to female friends and family. The outside is a delicate silk with lovely pink blossoms and inside is a handy compact mirror.

All items are brand new and have never been used.

Here's how to enter:

You MUST follow on Twitter and Google Friend Connect.

You can get more entries by Tweeting about the giveaway and liking the Milk Tea Facebook page. Since I'm trying to get the Facebook page up and running, you get a bonus entry for being an "early adopter".

You MUST comment below with your GFC and Twitter handle(s).

That's it and good luck! Check back in two weeks to see who has won!

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  1. Hey girly! So excited! Congrats on your blog! ^^

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    1. Thanks for all the tweets! Best of luck to you! <3

  2. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  3. Worlds cutests prizes!
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    1. Thanks for entering! And for tweeting everyday!

  4. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

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  5. Twitter: @RebelSweetHrt
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  6. Absolutely amazing giveaway. I might die if I can't try those peach drops. Um, don't suppose you fancy a wee international swap? xo

    1. Thanks for entering and tweeting. I love your blog! I'll send you a DM about a swap ;)

  7. Oh and I'm fluffandfripperies on GFC, @fluffyblog on Twitter, and Emma Henderson on Facebook :)

  8. Vonfluffy on twitter
    Not just inside on gfc

    1. Thanks for entering, your blog is gorgeous! <3

  9. Lovely giveaway!!! ♥ I LOVE the snoopy bag... x__x LOL, everything is so cute though!

  10. Such cute goodies!!

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  11. Forgot to add!:

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    1. thanks! gotta have those contact details haha!

  12. Hii! New follower, but I'm loving your blog :D
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    Thanks for hosting :)!

    1. Hello! Thanks for entering and good luck! <3

  13. Howdy :)

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    Thanks for the giveaway ^^

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  16. Omg this is SO amazing!!! I've posted a few times on Tokyo fashion! A lot of mine is inspired by the girls in Tokyo, especially Harajuku, it's one of my dreams to go out there so hopefully if I ever win something, it'll be this!! :) thanks xx

    Twitter: jennaay_tpof
    GFC: The Pulse of Fashion

    1. Tokyo Fashion is fantastic, they have the best snaps! Anyway, good luck with this giveaway. I have to say I've fallen in love with ALL of your outfits on your blog! <3

  17. they're very cool, sweet stuff.

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  18. Thanks for the chance
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  20. Such a cute and unique giveaway <3

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    1. Can't have a Tokyo theme without the cute factor!

  21. Im really excited about your giveaway. They're always so cute ^-^
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  22. great giveaway! I'm a new follower :3
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    GFC: koakumajojo or koakuma jojo not sure XD

  23. Such a cute giveaway!

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  24. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! :3

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