HarmonyKa S/S13 Collection

4:26 PM

HarmonyKa logo and remake styling

Greetings from snowy, snowy Sendai. Much to the disbelief of everyone I meet in Japan, snow in Ireland is a reasonably rare occurrence. If only I could say the same about Sendai. As I snuggle under several layers of blankets (they may have snow here but they sure don't have central heating....), let's look forward to Spring and Summer.

Because the fashion world is cray cray, Autumn is the time when we get excited for Spring. By the time the S/S collections are actually available to buy, we're already dreaming of Winter. Last October, I attended the Collective Showroom event in Shibuya , Tokyo. I love seeing designers showcase their upcoming collections, but I love it even more when the clothes in question are available for everyone to buy. The best models are the ones on the street, right?

Now the Magaseek x Collective Showroom WEB online store is open, so let's see what up for grabs.Today's temptation is a treat for lovers of handmade and remade  - HarmonyKa.

Beautiful shot from HarmonyKa S/S13 lookbook

HarmonyKa is designed by Kazuhiko Gondou and Yasuko Saiki, who started the brand in 2009. Working with the concept that the clothes we wear should feel like they were made just for us, the brand takes light, airy fabrics and fashions fantasy pieces that belong in a fairy tale. Lace, cotton and gauze are eternally popular in Japan. It takes something special to work with this style and still stand out from the crowd.

As I browsed through the S/S13 collection in Tokyo, I was reminded of similar brands such as iro;R and Kota Ozawa. But I think what sets HarmonyKa apart is its basic functionality. First of all, it's a lot cheaper than the other brands. Let's face it, no matter how much we love fashion, money is always an issue. Secondly, the pieces are ethereal and creative - but not too much so. Sometimes it's the case that when you buy one piece from a brand, you have to buy more because it seems impossible to coordinate. HarmonyKa blends well with high street shops like Crisp and Lowry's Farm. I love when fashion becomes accessible to people with a lower budget or simpler taste.

Here are my top 3 choices from the HarmonyKa S/S13 collection:

 ha-D3 (floral camisole dress)
¥37,00 (¥38,850)

2012ssMV-8 (Mars Violette Floral Wreath)
¥16,000 (¥16,800)

2013ss-8 (patchwork culottes)
pink print mix
¥14,800 (¥15,540)

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  1. Its not really my style but, its still damn cute!! :O

    1. Yeah, it makes me want to convert my style! I suppose a REAL fashionista would find a way to blend pieces in, but I'm more of an all or nothing kind of girl!

  2. Oh gosh, Sendai must be super cold! It's snowing where i am at the moment too - and I think everything has pretty much stopped, endless stories of gridlock- nothing new hey?

    1. Sendai is bad but at least we can manage. I think Ireland and the UK tend to have a combination of joy and panic when it snows. But it doesn't make like any easier!