OOTD: Harajuku High Tea

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OOTD: 13/03/16

  • Shirt: MONOMANIA (Laforet Harajuku)
  • T-shirt: ZARA (Sendai)
  • Skirt: W.C. (Shibuya)
  • Tights: Avantegarde (Harajuku)
  • Accessories: Nakamura Coubou (Sakura, Sendai)
  • Gloves: Axes Femme Outlet (Sendai)
  • Coat: Murua (Sendai)
  • Scarf: Street market in Prague
  • Messy pile on the floor: WEGO (Sendai)

Staking my claim to the changing room.

April has flown by with narry a blog post in sight. It's one of the busiest times of year here as the new fiscal and school years start, everyone goes on Spring break and, of course, the cherry blossoms bloom. As well as that I travelled from Sendai, to Tokyo. to the southern reaches of Japan, had my dad come to visit and turned the ripe old age of 26.

Even more importantly, I've been working my backside off to sort my plans for life after Sendai. The big move to Tokyo is definitely on but what to do once I'm there is a little bit harder to organize. It's a kind of horrible pressure and sometimes I want to take to Twitter and vent. Despite that however, I still feel a responsibility to my job and position here. So for the next three months I'll continue to be a model citizen and when I finally get back to Europe in summer I'll just go nuts then.

I wish ladies still wore gloves all the time.

This OOTD is from the middle of March, when the Sendai Cafe Club had our monthly meeting. I wanted to go all-out fancy but I'm no Lolita. So I threw together lace gloves, a pannier skirt and cupcake-printed tights for a Harajuku High-Tea kind of look. I think it worked better in person because the movement of the fabric didn't hide my waistline. The photos don't really capture that. And I also didn't realise I look like such a zombie in pictures. I don't like smiling for the camera but I think I need to work on a FIERCE pout or something.

I just look bored now...

Proof of waistline and facial muscles,

I guess I began to believe I was on the red carpet.

From every angle, just in case.

Instagrammed to the point where you can't even see the clothes anymore.

I was in the changing room for so long that it's almost embarrassing. Judging by the timestamps on my photos, it was at least 30 minutes. And there's only one changing room in the whole shop....oops! I bought a ton of clothes though (sneak preview is the pile on the floor beside me) so I guess it's ok. 

Check back for my picks and purchases fom AMOYAMO'S collection for WEGO!

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  1. You always look fabulous and I love your tights!

    Wow a big move to Tokyo :O I am really envious


    1. I think those tights have been in almost EVERY ootd since I bought them. I'd better try something new soon!

  2. Gorgeous outfit - the shirt and skirt combo is to die for!

    Sam Muses xx

  3. very cute~ like a cupcake❤

    1. Thank you! I think the skirt looks almost edible, haha!