Beauty Swap: Fluff and Fripperies

11:02 PM

Like a GlossyBox, but less crap

Silent greetings from the soundless shoebox that I call home. We all have to be on our best behaviour today since my grumpy neighbour has reported me to the feds for "playing loud music at night". I don't know which is worse: that he went behind my back to do so, or that he confused season 5 of Breaking Bad with music! Anyway, in time-honoured Japanese tradition, I have apologised profusely while metaphorically crossing my fingers behind my back. I shall be the reed that bends in the wind and blares Gangnam Style out the window all Saturday long.

The one product I always use-up! 

On a happier note, the visions of loveliness that you see on this page are the goodies that I received in my first ever beauty swap. Doing one had never even crossed my mind before, but when you are approached by  your country's top beauty blogger, you just don't say no! Emma is the brains and beauty behind the award-winning Fluff and Fripperies ,the only western beauty blog that I read regularly.

My Wexford-born father would be far too happy with this

The decadent life I dream of

All the pretty toys

Unfortunately, most beauty products in Ireland are available in Japan too. So when poor Emma asked what kinds of items I would like, the only thing that I requested was chocolate! She on the other hand, had a lovely wish list of products and shades for me to choose from. You can see what she got in her Japanese goody box here.

Like Japanese purikura, right?!

Praise be!

Needless to say, everything that Emma selected was wonderful. Gold nail varnish and mascara are my life and I adore clear pouches because I have a mind like a sieve. Everything is working its way into my regular beauty patterns, except for the chocolate which barely lasted the week and is long gone. NO REGRETS.

Thanks again Emma!

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  1. Pretty toys indeed! Snacks and sweets don't last a week in my household too hahaha *high five*

    1. It's the best way to show your appreciation! hehheh