Japanese Organic Cafe: Pretissimo

8:44 PM


Herbal Tea


Tea Cake

Organic Cake

Chocolate Brownie

Cinnamon Tea

I miss my cafe club! One of the best things about living in Sendai was the endless supply of cafes that seemed to pop up on every corner. It's a running joke that you can find a hair salon on every street in Japan, but cafes aren't far behind. And while I could never find a "milk tea" as good as a proper Irish cuppa, the variety of novelty drinks usually made up for it.

Today's photo set is from Cafe Zakka Pretissimo on Sendai's shopping arcade. It's a cafe filled with small accessories and rustic home ware. It was only by chance that we ended up here, since our first choice cafe had been booked for a piano recital. No regrets though, it's always a joy to find somewhere as lovely as Pretissimo.

I had the coffee and brownie, but I regret not choosing the cinnamon tea instead. It looked so simple and pretty with the stick floating in the cup, I'm not sure that it actually  added to the flavour, but it certainly had visual impact.

I suppose the big news that I can't ignore is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I always said that after living through the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami, this feels like an obscene waste of money. The homeless children that I worked with might also agree. Now that it's going to happen I can only hope that the event will benefit the whole country, now just Tokyo. However, although I was against the campaign, I have to admit that I feel a little excited. 

Team Ireland fan club starts here!

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