OOTD: Urban Mermaid

6:53 PM

Early / late summer

pinks, lace, flowers

Time to transition from Spring to Autumn

  • Bralet: NOZOMI ISHIGURO (Garden, Sendai)
  • Vest: old, offbrand
  • Skirt: iro;R Brilliant Market (Sakura, Sendai)
  • Tights: Marks and Spencer (Dublin)
  • Shoes: Office (Dublin)
  • Accessories: nakamura coubou, gift

This summer was all about bralets and mermaids.

I love the mermaid/sea punk movement, it fits right in with the 90s revival and cute culture of Japan. So do bralets of course, but they don't fit with my cake-filled tummy quite so well. Layering has never been my strong point but I think it worked pretty well here and allowed me combine trends and comfort.

It's not exactly a "mermaid" look, but it felt like a fairytale to me. Lace, flowers and flowing skirts make me think of romance and magic. It's easier to do in Winter, but it belongs in Summer too. I didn't do it deliberately but the colours transition, from Spring pinks on top to Autumnal browns on the bottom. 

I think I'm going to reuse this outfit a lot, a cardigan and thicker tights or boots will take me through Autumn. I'll be sad to let the flowers go though. 
I want to hold on to Summer!

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  1. Such a pretty combination - you look ethereal and lovely!

  2. I couldn't help but to LOL at your cake filled tummy comment. Jokes aside, you have NO tummy!!! There are no unsightly bulges! We should meet up one day and I'll show you what's a real cake (and junk food) filled tummy hahaha

    1. If you come to Tokyo we can eat lots of cake and be proud of our giant tummies!