OOTD: A Study in Pink

7:21 PM

  • Blouse: Monomania (Laforet, Harajuku)
  • Cropped top: Nozomi Ishiguro (GARDEN, Sendai)
  • Vest: ???
  • Skirt: WEGO (Sendai)
  • Socks: AVANTGARDE (Harakuku)
  • Heels: Camper (Dublin)
  • Bag: Vivienne Westwood (Harvey Nichols, Dublin)
  • Hair Barrette: Nakamura Coubou (SAKURA, Sendai)
  • Necklace: Etw Vonneguet (Japan)
  • Watch: Tsumori Chisato (Forus, Sendai)

Did you spot the fiction?

Well, not fiction exactly, but you may remember that azure blue background from...Sendai! Yes, since my current wardrobe is highly limited, I'm posting an outfit from May this year. Somewhat ironically it's a little bit similar to my Halloween costume. It cannot be said that I don't get good value out of my clothes!

Everything in this outfit is something that, if you follow this blog regularly, you've probably seen before. One unusual point is the Camper graffiti heels. I usually live in flats or boots, but I long to be a regular heel wearer. My life seems to involve a lot of walking though, so it never seemed practical. 

I actually bought a pair of those fold-up ballet pumps to keep in my hand bag a while ago. They're not very sturdy but they might do the trick for nights out. I'm still self-conscious about being taller than Japanese people if I wear heels, but I own quite a few pairs so I may as well just wear them.

I welcome any advice from heel-pros (and fellow failures share your pain)!

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