Anna Sui Nails Autumn 2014

10:32 PM


...or purple?

My favourite make-up is...Shu Uemura! In case you were wondering. When it comes to nails however, I'm firmly in the Anna Sui camp. The quality, the colours but most of all the bottle designs. Pure perfection.


Recently I've had a craving for a dark navy or royal blue. I kept imagining it, flecked with gold, dazzling all who dared gaze upon my fingernails. The Galadriel of manicures. I have every kind of gold and glitter possible, but it was to Anna that I turned for the new blue. I also got a new top coat because I couldn't find my old one and was too lazy to search properly! 

The twins

Forever in awe of Anna Sui's amazing designs

So, so pretty. They also have that typical Anna Sui rose scent as well. It's not at all over-powering, but much better than chemical-smelling fingers. The Anna Sui nail varnish remover also smells great by the way. Someone needs to turn it into a cocktail. Erm...not literally of course!

As one of the better loyalty programmes, Anna Sui's Nail Fan Club is fairly easy to benefit from. I have a million and one point cards for various shops in Japan and I honestly couldn't tell you what half of them do. At least this one has a good old-fashioned stamp-per-purchase policy. It applies to all nail products, including coats and remover. After buying a couple of colours at the start of summer and two more this time around, I was rewarded with...

If it's in Japan, it has a point card

Alpaca for no reason

...a green pencil case thingy. Well, free is free, but it's not the greatest novelty I've ever received. The lime green colour scheme isn't really my thing either. Still, I'll find some use for it.


Pencil case or...?

Fits an alpaca, more or less


With buying presents for others and other bits for myself, the whole nail card is nearly full now. I hope there's something a little bit more useful for the final gift. Even a little manicure set would be brilliant. Fingers crossed that the Christmas season will produce something spectacular!

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