Halloween 2014 Tokyo Disney Sea

6:43 PM

It's Halloween Week on Milk Tea Blog!

I'll be visiting the in-laws over Halloween weekend, so I had to get my frights last week instead. Well I say frights, but the only horrors at Tokyo Disney are the prices (ba-dum tisssh). Tourists in Tokyo often wonder whether to visit Disneyland or Disney Sea. They both have their charms, but for me Sea wins on two points: better rides (my opinion) and a cocktail bar (no alcohol in Disneyland). 

My boyfriend and I went on the After 6 Passport, so we had 4 hours in the park at the reduced price of 3900 yen. The atmosphere was spooktacular (sorry) and the decorations were fangtastic (sorry again). This year's theme was skeletons - from the Mexican Day of the Dead variety, to the almost-Nightmare Before Christmas kind. Unfortunately we arrived too late to get any Fast Passes and we didn't feel like queuing for 120 minutes. So we ended up spending most of the evening eating, drinking and watching the water shows.

 Check back later this week for posts on the Halloween-themed Disney food and fireworks display!

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