Autumn in Style

12:41 AM

Glamorous Tokyo: in the bathroom of a second-hand book shop

Autumn so far has been exciting and stressful, both personally and professionally. Without sounding too mysterious, there was a lot going on that I couldn't directly control. Fortunately everything has worked out fairly well and, in fact, is culminating in my Irish TV debut! (Details below)

Magical Halloween nails from HOME Harajuku

I did a couple of things to make me feel more "in control", the first of which was getting my first gel nail manicure in over a year. I went to HOME Salon in Harajuku because I had been admiring their Instagram feed for a while. This was a couple of days before Halloween so I wanted something vaguely seasonal but not a design that would be pointless after the holiday had passed. This was one of their October sets, with a little customisation. The index finger was supposed to read "Happy Halloween" but I had it changed to a black cat. So they're sort of magical, Harry Potter nails, rather than just Halloween ones.

As for HOME, I was reasonably satisfied with their service. First-timers get a decent discount, so the price was ok this time. They do seem to be more expensive in general though. I expect Tokyo to be more expensive than Sendai, but there wasn't even a drink or hand massage included at the end. So while I like the nails enough to go back, I'm still shopping around for a better menu.

Stylishly modelled on that Ikea bedspread that everyone has

Autumn hair like red leaves by BELLE Omotesando

I also changed my hair colour from blondish brown, to reddish brown. It was supposed to be pinkish brown, but this new salon is still adjusting to my Western hair! Autumn in Japan is all about 紅葉 (kouyou), the seasonal red and golden leaves, so I like having hair that reflects that.

Top: iro;R - Brilliant Market- 
Inner: Used
Skirt: iro:R -Brilliant Market-
Bag: Mifune
Accessories: Plaza

Resting bitch face

Now for the big news!

I've had to keep it secret for a couple of weeks, but I filmed and presented a feature on Tokyo street style for Ireland's national broadcaster, RTE. It isn't a long segment but I interviewed some very interesting and stylish people about their outfits and fashion inspiration. 

It will air as part of #TRENDING on RTE 2, Thurday 14th 8:30PM (GMT) and I really hope anyone who has time will watch it. It took a lot longer to put together than you might think, though it was a lot of fun. Anyone not in Ireland can also view it (I think) on RTE Player, so enjoy!

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  1. I will try to watch your segment using a program for those of us not living in Ireland! ^^ I really wanna see it!

    Also am in love with your new hair! and nails too! so cute and stylish as always :D

    1. Thank you so much! I ended up not being able to see it, but my family recorded it so I could watch it on TV at home via Skype!