My Tip For Buying Used Brand Goods in Japan

7:02 PM

Get that Jeremy Scott!
Today I will share with you my secret trick when I go to recycle shops in Japan. I know that not everybody likes to wear second-hand clothes and this might make it seem even worse. If you want to buy non-brand clothes, for example putting together a Larme or "vintage", look then it's ok to go to any good used clothing shop (like Zool). Most of those shops import from Canada or the USA so their sizes run larger.

But if you want to buy an expensive brand item then it can be harder to find a foreigner-friendly fit. Smaller girls might not have a problem but I'm 169cm and...curvy (?) so browsing the rails of dresses and tops can be a waste of time for me. Never fear though! Here is my best advice - buy menswear! I have bought jackets, trousers, hats, scarves, bags and more from the men's section of recycle shops. My favourite piece is a Jeremy Scott X Addidas tracksuit, the top of which I get so much use out of. In the photo above I wore it to language school when I was feeling sick and below was obviously a "throw on all the patterns" kind of day.

If someone is the kind of guy who wears expensive clothes, then there's no reason to think that he wouldn't take just as good care of them as a girl would. I was so tired of sleeves never reaching my wrists that shopping in Japan used to drive me crazy. If you're a foreigner looking to pick up some second hand brand goods in Tokyo, why not try the men's section. At the very least you can oogle the ikemen shop staff!

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