Super Mario Nintendo Bar in Tokyo

1:28 PM

Mini mushroom ornaments. Green pipe lights suspended from the ceiling. Welcome to Mario Land! Japan is the home of Nintendo, while Tokyo has a never-ending stream of themed cafes. So it will come as no surprise to find STAR CLUB, a Mario-themed shot bar. It's quite dark inside so the pictures aren't great but you can find all the Nintendo goodies that you ever dreamed of on display here.

It's a typically small Tokyo hole-in-the-wall style bar so 20 people is probably the maximum you could fit in. I usually see a few solo drinkers sitting at the bar and some small groups (including at least one bunch of tourists) at the tables. There's a 500 yen seating charge but it's the standard for bars in the Shinjuku Kabukicho area and, honestly, most of the other bars aren't half as interesting as STAR CLUB.

And here is the best feature of STAR CLUB! You can play Wii games for free with your friends. Or join in with a group of strangers and make new Tokyo buddies! In my experience they tend to turn in to a drinking game but if you can't let Mario decide your liver's fate in a place like this then where can you?

My drink above was one of the bar's original Super Mario-themed cocktails which are all delicious but I recommend the almighty "1UP". The bar doesn't serve any food apart from some small snacks so make sure you eat before you go. A full menu list is available on the STAR CLUB website.  Enjoy!

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  1. This place looks amazing, be sure to take me there some day ;D


    1. We should have gone last time! But the horror restaurant was so much fun too!