Tokyo Girl Winner

12:40 AM

Tokyo Girl Giveaway 2013

Thanks everyone for entering the Tokyo Girl Giveaway 2013 and for your patience as I messed up selecting the winner. Thanks so much to the techies at Rafflecopter for letting me back into my account! So, without further ado, the lucky lady is...

Congratulations! This time there can be only one, but I'll have another giveaway in a few months...or when I hit some kind of blog/Twitter milestone.

Until then, I'll be blogging away so I hope you'll stick around. And be sure to let me know what prizes you'd like to see next time around!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for Tweeting about it so much Sami <3

  2. Ahh! Thank you so much (≧∇≦)
    It seriously made my day!
    Thanks again for hosting a giveaway!! :DD